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Bye Bloomfield - Why Ardern Needs To Front Daily On Her Own

New Zealand is now again on the verge of an oppressive lockdown.  Why? All the platitudes and niceties first up need to be re-examined. What is the point of these lockdowns?  If lockdowns actually work then why are people dying in resthome clusters? They are the definition of the tightest of lockdown. If you’re a reader of my blog you will know that from day one I thought these lockdowns all around the world have been outrageous. A hideous breach of freedoms, choice and liberty. As a lawyer I find them repugnant, unbelievably ridiculous and downright illegal and a breach of every civil and political right known to man and woman.   Not one part of me can compute with the return from the overriding breach of fundamental human rights. As an offshore tax and trust lawyer I’m not one to preach for these rights but at the darkest of times the only law that matters are these fundamental laws stopping the state from overreaching. Ones that muppets right now seem