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W R Peters Loan Scandal!

 Just when you think it could not get funnier, a W R Peters (everyone is assuming Winston) makes a $60,000 loan to NZ First. FOR A YEAR AND WITH INTEREST! At 2% The form provided by the party shows Peters initially lent it $50,000 on October 6, before providing another $10,000 the following day.  According to the terms of the agreement, New Zealand First has to repay the loan by October 6, 2021, with an interest rate of 2 per cent. You would think W R Peters would just write that off - NOW.  Without any representation in Parliament, all the party funders will run faster from the political organisation than Usain Bolt. Good on NZ First however, still providing us all with continued amusement. Winston Peters must really be thinking he should have stayed on the farm with the dog and horse fishing as he collects his numerous pensions having the nice life he has set himself up for over the years.  His last term has been a complete disaster for him personally and professionally.