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Far Left Greens Put Their Egos Ahead Of Climate Change

Oh dear, Labour have snookered the Greens.  What a sight to see. The Kermits have learned nothing Grant!  The Kermits have YET again kept the cornerstone driver of their philosophy - the entirely natural phenomenon that the climate (could possibly over the years) change, away from Cabinet, yet muzzled them to actually campaign for the climate.  Even National put the portfolio in Cabinet. Why go into the tent when the one thing that positions you away from Labour, and makes you "special" in the eyes of your supporters, you cannot actually scream about?   The far left of the left of the far left of the Greens cannot accept this. The most right wing corporate member of the far left Greens is in charge of their key portfolio. In three years they couldn't get agriculture, the largest invisible polluter in this phony "problem" to be included!  I cannot see a plan to include it in the next three.   Audrey Young writes: Labour gets James Shaw in Climate Change. That is