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Lord Sumption - The Covid Intellectual Hero and Expert

There are not many people I actually respect but in times of crisis cometh the moment cometh (usually) the man. While the snowflake champion was the now deceased Ruth Bader Ginsburg (who was great and I have the tee shirt but until they made movies about her let’s face it - no one on Twitter had fucking heard of her), they overlook in their immortalising of legal characters the true intellectual giants. Lord Sumption is one.  Not only is he a true liberal, from a male championing women swimmingly, he’s still young and vibrant enough at 71 and uniquely still married to his first wife, to call what bullshit these lockdowns and response to the non-crisis that Covid-19 should be to the western world. I’ve accidentally sat next to them both at a private members function in London and it was the intellectually best night of my life. If I was fined a pound for every word I has never said so little.  It takes usually a very excellent Blanc de Blancs and a Montecristo 2 for me to