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Covid Tests in NZ v Covid Tests in MIQ

Right so the whole building of slum social housing, Chinese students and immigration scam personnel in Vincent Street has been tested and they can “return to normal”. All residents at the new apartment block at 106 Vincent St - which only opened in June - have been asked to isolate and get a Covid-19 test. Most have returned negative results however one "weak positive" result was announced today. But if I fly back to NZ from a country with zero community cases I am tested on day 3 and 12. Test negative and.... still need 14 days in the proverbial shit house treated like a colony leper? Yeah Nah Ashley Bloomfield. Explain? You’re either trusting the testing kits or not. What is it?  Why are the Vincent Street tenants not held as returnees are to New Zealand, for 14 days in their apartments unable to leave so the incubation period can pass? Why do thee Bloomfield trust these tests for the immigration scam/student/Chinese slave labour/sex trade personnel, but not for New Zealand