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Bloomfield Needs To Declare Death To The Platter

The latest casual food trends of the world make me despair at times.  I do not get them.  I have just got over the serving of food in fine dining restaurants with cutlery that does not sit flat and steaks on chopping boards. Faced with yet another New Zealand influencer trying to flog platters for underemployed hospo peeps, I feel I have to act. They are getting away with it on the nonsense idea they are helping out all the small businesses going down the gurgles in New Zealand once the wage subsidies are lifted.  In the same way every New Zealander waxed lyrically when the country had tourists that they were an ambassador worthy of praise for helping take cash off them. The platter ladies and gentlemen is NOT food.  It is not art.  It is not grand creative presentation and it is not pretty.  Just one today was served at a birthday party with boxer Joseph Parker in attendance with some men who measure their body fat in micro percentages and bulk their muscle gains in proteins not large