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Stuff Means - White Staff At Victoria University About To Be Given The Chop

This is the not-so-PC headline for what Stuff trotted out instead.  From the "we could have told you so" pile, unionised University white staff are about to get a big brown envelope from University in favour of keeping underemployed staff in charge of wombat subjects in Maori departments. That is right.  This is exactly what is meant by vice-Chancellor Guilford's careful comments here: At the staff Christmas party on Tuesday, Grant Guilford said that before February 2021 the university needed access to international students, a significant increase in domestic enrolments, and a strong uptake in the staff voluntary redundancy scheme . “At present, none of those three things are looking particularly promising .” he told the assembled staff. “Very unfortunately, therefore, it’s looking increasingly likely that to fulfil our commitments to kaitiakitanga and intergenerational responsibility, we will be facing hard decisions early next year.” In real person speak, let us have