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Mittens Has Redeemed Wellington

Wellington is a cold, windy hell-hole of a place I am glad I have little excuse to travel to anymore.  Almost all of the people I like in Wellington have seen the light and moved far from it.  What remains is the largesse of the public service, smug trench coat wearing overpaid bureaucrats who mourn the loss of Astoria, despite many working from home this year.  Not because of Covid really, but that they were perfectly capable of hiding the fact they do such little work. The much loved cafe scene of Wellington has been slowly dying, killed off, well by themselves really. Early this year, before the world turned coward, so desperate was I to avoid Wellington completely that I ordered an Uber to come and pick me up from the airport and take me over the hill to see friends in the lovely town of Martinborough.  I did not wish to go near the centre of Wellington town (and it is a town) and perish the thought, wait a ridiculously amount of time get on a train. But other than the Pravda chees