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Cheer Up Shane, Helen Clark Hated You Too!

Shane Te Pou/Phillips has done his final gob off for the year whining about something Judith Collins said to him. From reading his piece twice I couldn’t understand what his problem with Crusher actually is.  After all she is an opposition politician. It’s not like she was on the same team and banned him from working in the Labour Party for being too unsuitable to be in the premises of Parliament? The man vetoed by Prime Minister Helen Clark as an executive assistant to Maori Affairs Minister Dover Samuels says he is stunned by the move. Shane Te Pou said he had no idea that Helen Clark would take the action and the effects had been devastating. "It's had a huge effect on my family. I made my mistakes in the past but I have done nothing illegal. I thought I had paid my dues and I worked my butt off to ensure that Dover won the Tai Tokerau seat," he said. A very unusual column.   Shane loves a bit of political biff, he is frequently baiting centre right politicians and an