Chris Liddell Has NOTHING To Be Ashamed Of

Rodney Hide on his new blog is very polite.

And The Stranded have lost their minds.

I shall now end all debate about the Chris Liddell issue.

I’ve never met Liddell.  Do not know him at all.  When he took the job he did I went on social media forums and laughed at people who said it would cause him "reputational" damage.  The guy had just taken one of the most stimulating and interesting jobs in the universe. All power to him.

I sadly don’t have at least $100m in declared assets.  It would be awesome though.  This is the declared assets.

Excellent.  Filthy rich then.

We should believe Liddell’s claims of the net wealth, he’s been in the USA long enough to have to be honest for fear of the IRS when taking the role in the White House.

I fortunately haven’t been married to 2 women who are successful and intelligent in their own right.  

I have however over the years around the traps met them both and they’re excellent people.

They’re both women who you can have an internationally ranging discussion with about practically anything. Very rare in Aotea-NOO Zooland.


This in my view is the mark of a worthy man - someone who doesn’t marry a complete grifting wallflower or bimbo.

I am fortunately not currently married to a woman who I calls herself by virtue of her family, a philanthropist as an occupation. She’s also living large in the GOP.

I haven’t been a CFO of GM.

Or a CFO of Microsoft.




Would you give a flying fuck what Matthew Hooton, Shane Te Pou/Phillips, or Neale Jones say about you?

Because I certainly do not.

And I don’t have Liddell’s CV.  I would snigger at them. The rounding on Liddell by these beltway baboons leads me to believe they thought he was coming back to stand for Parliament and for their various reasons they were threatened by this. 

No level of spit could be justified otherwise. 

The team of 5 million minus possibly 25 New Zealanders do not have Liddell's wealth or CV.

It is a complete joke to have Liddell Derangment Syndrome.

Why oh why would anyone of any international gravitas bother doing interviews with such peasant minds?

Nz media and beltway wonks? Oh please. They are all internationally crayon scribbling dwellers in comparison to world media let alone people who should matter.


Just stop.

Chris Liddell is one of New Zealand’s most successful exports. He doesn’t need to explain anything.

When he starts explaining he is losing.  

Joe Biden has even publicly appreciated him in the handover. And so he should.  Liddell was in his role, a public servant. He wasn’t Trump’s right hand at all.

If Liddell quit at the moment numpties like K1W1 intellectual media heavyweights Neale Jones were saying he should, it would have been a not so hot mess.

Biden would have had an even harder job of delegating everything to the Kamala Harris and OAC hard left.

It would be akin to I don’t know, say everyone quitting when Hooton was a part of the hot mess in the Nats. Even Hooton stayed for a handover to others. 

Or Neale Jones when Andrew Little caved to Cindy.

Ends. Neither have an argument against this.

Is there a cheaper nastier way of saying - employ me and I will give you access to the PM than this?

This gives Neale a deep knowledge of the political environment in New Zealand and a valuable insight into how to engage constructively with the Ardern Government.

Seriously? Pay for play? How is this chump on any media in New Zealand? Not even Hooton brags this outwardly about his influence. What a complete disgrace for Jones to be this blatant about his access.

Valuable insight into how to engage constructively? - in short CASH FOR ACCESS.

Radio NZ need to remove him as a commentator instantly.  Trish Sherson could never publish such on her website saying she had this "insight" from the right about how to engage constructively. 

Chris Liddell could walk into any job in the USA right now he wishes. But he doesn’t need to work for someone else.

Because no one of any gravitas wants to have a “job”. 

Getting someone sacked from a “job” is a dick moment from plant left. Working for someone else isn’t a moment.

Should Chris Liddell choose to live in NZ he will have a perfectly nice life.

If he stays away from political muppets and hangs out with businesspeople of his ilk.

There aren’t many but he will find likeminds.  All twelve of them I suspect.

The best thing Liddell can do right now is fly back should he wish, suck up his ridiculous state enforced MIQ experience possibly in Rotovegas and in 14 days emerge like a monarch butterfly and throw a massive rip snorter of a party in his $15m pad for his mates and selected others, where I guarantee everyone invited will turn up and dribble at his knees.

Yes, Liddell bought an apartment that cost $15 million - in 2017.

Save your cash on shitty PR. Not needed. Sweeney wallet Vesty NO need.

Within seconds dribbling idiots who have bagged him in the past will be lining up for him to invest in their stupid start up companies and to buy real estate.

Auckland right now is awash with printed cash. It’s 1987 again from a Labour government.  Again. Everyone loved even poor old “where’s the gold” Ray Smith then! This is the alt-universe New Zealand currently lives.

The most disgraceful thing about the last month is that ACT and National have both dumped on Liddell’s head.






He’s precisely the sort of guy who would have been a great fundraiser for them.  And his wife who does same for the Republicans. His coming home party could raise enough cash for reasonable right wing politicians for the next election campaign.


And first rate stupid.


  1. Stuff seem to take pleasure in publishing photos (maybe they only have the one) of Liddell looking like Fred Dagg.

    Why is that?

  2. I thought David Seymour's radio interview where announced the withdrawal of ACT Party support for Mr Liddell's OECD gig oddly intemperate.

  3. personally if I had that much money, I'd just continue to live my life at large. Not bother coming back at all, and especially not worry about parasites like Neale


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