We Should Cease The Covid Facade If The Olympics Go Ahead

There should be no discussion entered into. The Olympics needs to be cancelled.

If Covid is more than just the flu and the largest health crisis of our lifetime, then there is no way in hell that Tokyo can host a super-spreader event from all parts of the world in the Olympics.

If it does go ahead then it just makes even more of a joke of the rest of us who seem to be last in line for a vaccine because we are perfectly healthy, having to stop our lives, commerce and travel.  

Contrary to this, entertainers need to be given priority to travel and also especially film and Tv productions.

For the sole reason we need more content for Netflix don't we?  These people are completely essential.  Everyone needs to stop moaning and bitching about them getting priority treatment.

I am all in favour of events proceeding on a minor scale with quarantine or in a bubble especially cricket. However proceeding with the Olympics (and even more outrageously the Paralympics) with massive amounts of people from all parts of the world coming to one place, is a new level of stupid. Added to the mix, that most sports at the Olympics individually very few people care to watch for the remaining 3 years and 50 weeks anyway. That’s why some clever cookie decided once to package them all into one event. I mean who lines up to watch gymnastics, synchronised swimming, shooting or women’s weightlifting any other time of the cycle?

Proceeding with this facade is right up there with celebrating protests and riots as marvellous, on the basis that a certain race deemed their situation so important it was more crucial to be superspreaders than the worst global health crisis of our lifetimes!

Either take a situation seriously or forget it and let everyone get on with their lives.


  1. The trouble with islanders is that some times they are unbearably smug (look at our moat) but also a strange view of the world.

    Couple of stats for you... TfL (transport for London) has had 57 staff die from covid all under 65, of those 25 were bus drivers who have a medical every year to maintain their license. This is in the last TEN months.

    The number of flu related deaths of TfL drivers in the last TEN YEARS ...seven.

  2. The Olympics is not going ahead, no matter what the IOC and the Japanese govt are saying otherwise. I bet there are so many commercials at stake and no one what to blink first, so they will all wait until the very last moment to cancel.

    1. I agree entirely. Loss of face for first to pull out.


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