Case M For Muppet - Lucky He Wasn't A White Accountant


Why do these muppets always go to the pharmacy?  It is not like this chump went to work when he should not have, you can understand then at some level.

I mean - it is like they are feeling sick or something.

But let us cut to the chase - the financial cost of this lockdown. Not from someone who behaved responsibly and was innocent in spreading the Chinese plague, but someone who did everything Cashley Doomfield and Aunty Cindy have asked the flock of 5 million not to. 

So Case M for Muppet has cost the taxpayers $4-500 million over the next seven days.


Last week an accountant was sentenced for $170,000 in tax evasion after he didn't like dealing with the IRD.

He instead sentenced Sinclair to six months of home detention, 150 hours of community work, and ordered him to pay the $138,000 in reparation upon receiving the money from his cousin's estate. There will be special post-release conditions for six months after Sinclair finishes his detention.

So in New Zealand you can cost the "team of 5 million" $170,000 plus interest and penalties and you get a six month home detention sentence, 150 hours of community service and have to pay the cash back. $138k is still outstanding.   

You get named and shamed as a tax evader and the social stigma attached.

Case M for Muppet has cost New Zealand $400-500m.  In ONE WEEK.

Ruined sports events, showed New Zealand off to the world as flopping in and out of lockdowns and in all certainty delayed the jewel that was meant to be the Americas Cup. The embarrassing gloating from Stephen McIvor to those of us following on YouTube about freedoms should cease.

Of particular note to myself M has cost New Zealand the start of the bluff oyster season and crowds at the cricket. Thank heavens the games are still proceeding else this post would have been full of fluent invective.

And the Prime Minister is "frustrated" and tells the Muppet who will never be named, that everyone has to be kind to him.

Talkback tomorrow will be awesome.

But maybe this can signal the start of a more practical response to the Chinese plague than instantly locking down everyone in Auckland by default and restricting parts of New Zealand that have yet to even have a case of it. 

Because you all can’t keep doing this until everyone in the country is jabbed.


  1. I'm amazed at not just the draconian fascism being imposed, but the complete lack of recognition that there might be an alternative to the draconian fascism.

    You can't force potentially exposed people to isolate. Not morally, nor practically. The man is a dumbarse, sure, but it ain't his fault that the government is responding to his actions by shutting down the entire economy. The "look what you made me do" argument may convince most NZ sheeple, but doesn't wash with me.

    I'm of the view that pretending NZ can contain a pandemic that has proven uncontainable everywhere else on earth is madness akin to Cnut trying to stop the oncoming tide. And Ardern is the biggest Cnut of them all.

  2. Whether Mr M is a dumbarse or not, if your plan to save the country relies on every single member of the team of 5 million following the rules correctly all the time, every time, for a year or more, then you're basically f***ed.


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