The Pronoun - The New Tattoo

A person I greatly respect, once gave me a sage piece of advice - never hit someone with a tattoo. 

His rationale was that the tattoo is an excellent permanent mark on a person solely allowing you to actively avoid them.  If someone has had a tattoo then they can put up with a level of pain you will not be able to dish out if you hit them.

Roll on to 2021 and we have the pronoun.

So the alphabet soup of people labelled LGBTQIA (plus??) have survived as long as they have, fought as many battles as they have including those in concentration camps, have been in a perpetual fight for equal rights across the world - to find a fucking absent pronoun cause for anxiety?

Come on.

Yes I remember reading that at Auschwitz it was a big thing when the guys in the office got the pronouns wrong on the ledger book.  Upset the Jewish trans community greatly.

These are people today who get anxiety having the cat jump up on their knee without an invitation such is their preciousness.

So much so "they" (plural) need to be called "they" or "them".  

The IRD in New Zealand clearly do not have enough to worry about currently with their failed IT systems and UOMI calculations and are leading the charge:
Sharon Thompson (she/her)​, a deputy commissioner at Inland Revenue, said including pronouns in email signatures was not mandatory, and people using pronouns had occurred organically.

Sharon? Yes that is a girl’s name.  Why on earth do we need this explained further?  Imagine Sharon Thompson (he/him)? Good lord.

A Brodie Packer is leading the charge.  I am sorry but a person with this much facial hair is clearly a bloke and that is fine. Women cannot grow such a thick forest in that area. No amount of wearing a culturally sensitive necklace and not doing buttons up on your shirt, is going to make me refer to Brodie as a "they" or a "them".

Brodie has even had a job made up especially for him "Change and Inclusion Communications Specialist".  Good grief.

This folks is a position at the - IRD. How on earth can they justify 40 hours a week on this garbage?!
The deputy commissioner of leadership, diversity and inclusion at Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission, Heather Baggott (she/her),

They have a deputy commissioner of what at what department?  I simply do not understand what on earth this person actually does.  I did upon reading this, grasp the difficult reality that Heather was a woman, because well - men are not called Heather are they? 

Any straight person who uses a pronoun is definitely tattooing themselves as one thing - a bit of a wanker.

Any gay person using the same, yeah still.

We have survived how many years as the human race knowing what boys and girls names are? When they are used for both genders such as Chris.  Not only have we have worked this out but lived full and wholesome lives regardless.  

Civilisation has not come to an end because someone called Chris, got pissed off they were confused for a girl because of their name.  Human beings are made of much sterner stuff.

The push towards such nonsense really stems from the whole idea we need to overcompensate for years of eyebrow raising when for example a woman wears a tie, a man wears a dress, a woman with short hair, a man with long hair, men who play Netball, women who play rugby, men with squeaky voices, women with deep ones.

There needs to be no such overcompensation. Or filling of employment for the previously previously unemployable in such well paid PC lunatic postings. 

Wearing a dress, your hair long or applying make-up doesn't make you a girl, anymore than wearing a tie or shorts makes you a bloke regardless of how hard someone is trying.  Maybe you just have terrible dress sense.  I enjoy rugby, cricket, swearing  and cigars.  I do not need a pronoun to explain such preferences for the better things in life as a woman. 

Pigeon holing people into the LGBTQIA community for quirks in their behaviour or preferences that are not stereotypical to society, is something social engineers have been trying to do to swell the numbers in those minority communities presumably to keep the gay community well funded in the public service.  Not only is it an insult to people who genuinely belong to those communities, it is in itself creating the sort of division and anxiety the engineers are claiming to now use six figure government department jobs to remove.

Do not be a wanker.

Refuse to become a pronoun.


  1. We only have this BS because English lacks a genuine neutral set of pronouns and we've somehow raised a whole generation of "look at moi, I'm unique just like all of you others" rose petals.

    I have found the easiest solution is just to address everyone as Comrade. The comrade/This comrade/that comrade. If it is good enough for Saint Jacinda of the Holy Pestilence, it's good enough for this comrade.

    1. Sharon Thomson (Comrade)
      IRD Deputy Commissioner

      Yes I like that a lot!

  2. When I first read the newspaper story along side a colour snap of the subject matter, Brodie was pictured standing in front of a graphic image of a crushed drink can. "Bent" immediately came to mind.

    Clever juxtaposition I thought

    Mark Wahlberg (Bloke)

  3. Lindsay (I/Me) was often expected to be a male. I was christened in the UK with apparently the female spelling. Came to NZ and found it was the male spelling. Worked to my advantage on occasion. For instance (back in the days before cvs) I reckon I got more job interviews. You could always tell by the look on the interviewer's face when they were expecting a bloke to walk through the door. Anyway Cactus I blogged about this a while back. The Public Service directive no less is, "Having pronouns in an email signature signals you as an LGBTQIA+ ally." So if you don't use a pronoun you must be an enemy. What tosh.

  4. Never hit someone with a tattoo.

    Is that the same as - never trust a Maori with a briefcase?

  5. Almost as sinister and relentless is the trend of re-naming not just the country but all gummint departments to an invariably made-up maori name. "Waka kotahi" NZ Transport Agency was the first example I noticed. It started off the other way around but is now invariably firstly referred to by the traditional written name for a government agency that regulates travel by motorised vehicles on manufactured roads.

    Quite how the maori, who had never seen a central government, bitumen, motorised transport or indeed taxes and levies managed to have a name for this agency is a mysterious miracle.

    I see that the Public Service Commission, hitherto going by a pragmatic and accurate if uninspiring name, has now become "Te Kawa Mataaho".

    When did we give permission for this to happen?

    1. Try being overseas, dealing with a government department that does not have English as the first language and convincing them that Aotearoa is actually New Zealand, when the name is not on their list!

  6. The love that "dare not speak it's name" now can't STFU about it.


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