Ardern Encouraging Children To Rat Out Their Parents

Just when you thought Jacinda Ardern's week could not get any lower.

Is this what New Zealand has become?

A nation where children rat on their parents to authority figures for the simple act of not rubbing your hands on soap for 20 seconds?

A nation where people think this is cute and amusing and newsworthy and not downright disturbing?

A nation of total disaster-porn addicts too afraid to just get on with it? If it’s not an anniversary of an earthquake then it’s one of the first case of Covid or yet another of a shooting or a mining accident or a volcano. Or a Tsunami drill that yet again yields a wave the size of disturbances in the average swimming pool when your fat drunk Uncle yells bombs away at Christmas time. All disasters yes that more mature nations often face on a far more regular basis and just get on with it. New Zealand is not special.

Every single social media post that Jacinda Ardern makes is thought over and purposive.  

This one was to remind you the people that your children are reporting and watching everything you do.  Right down to washing your bloody hands in a lockdown that made an entire 7 days without ONE further case of community transmission.  It was made to remind you that the fear still needs to be there of the evil Covid despite the fact you are more likely in New Zealand right now to win a prize in a Lotto draw than you are to get seriously sick or die of Covid.  

People have very short memories of this sort of propaganda driven nonsense in human history. 

I remind you of the last time children were applauded and used to control adult behaviour in the home and report back to their Leader.


  1. St Jacinda of the Pestilence personally publishing kiddys' trite letters and putting the boot into selected cases of the plague? What an embarassing backwater the country has become.

  2. I remind you of the last time children were applauded and used to control adult behaviour in the home and report back to their Leader.

    A more recent (and salient) example is the Cambodian "Year Zero" children under the Khmer Rouge.

  3. The good news is that the youngsters will never know that Jacinda & co are using 1984 and Brave New World as instruction manuals, because the cabal has just added Fahrenheit 451 to mix.

  4. This is from the Marxist manual in which Jac is an ardent follower.

  5. Who was it that got an envelope, found the appropriate address and mailed off the child's letter. If the dad's wife, then what a horrible person

  6. Which sniveling civil servant wrote this letter. No young child uses the phrase "I will work on him". God they are bloody liars. Who do they think they are kidding?


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