Best News Of The Week - The Chump Is Dumped

Thank the lord, praise be.  The world is slowly returning to normal.

The whole "better as friends" that woman suffer through the humiliation of his bad behaviour just in know...... they need something in the future.  Not very feminist or Queen-like.

Do not just burn that bridge J-Lo, blow it up on your way out after you have covered it with battery acid.

Three words for her - 





  1. Lucky him, nobody needs that train wreck.

  2. "Can



    at her age she belongs to the streets. J-Hoe

    as for the chump, he could have younger and hotter women. Even if he wants to be monogamous, he could have consolidated on a smokin hot babe in her sexual peak. However, he ends up with a broad way past her prime who got him to twirl around like a loser. He's Leonardo Depreciado, collector of used-up goods.


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