New Zealand Women - Have A Cup Of Concrete

Most of you are happy to line up to do this at least once in your life regardless of your race, culture, background...often sexual orientation.......

There is not a more invasive procedure, lacking often in dignity, than pushing the head and then body of a baby out of the minge with everyone in sundry watching, commenting and encouraging you to push harder. These days the husband sometimes even films it for you, just so you can remember how your body was punished.

Yet have a cervical smear test? Really? That is a total doddle compared to what has happened to you above. 

You need your hand held, another million or ten in funding, a political point made,  alternative commentary from a woman of every race just to keep up the sensitivity and a week of highly emo crap all over social media?

For something the relative size and comfort of this......

Harden up.  No excuses actually means no excuses.

If you are not getting a regular smear test, own total personal responsibility and admit it is because you just cannot be bothered.  It is free, there are special clinics in New Zealand designed for this purpose, ethnic funding for targeting of groups....the list goes on and on.

Forgot to? Well yes, amazing that women can put all their hair and nail appointments in their iPhone, remind their partner frequently of his shortcomings in missing the rubbish and recycling day,  but not an annual or bi-annual reminder themselves to get it done.

It is too invasive? Well try being a bloke then.  They have something inserted where for most the sun has never shone.  

Apparently there is institutional racism in smearing the minge.  Hello, do these silly liberal health activist twits of all colours think for one minute us "privileged" white women wake up the morning of our smear appointment, look in the mirror, smile and say out loud "awesome I am getting my minge scraped today honey I cannot wait, how about those Yankees”?

New Zealand has one of the best public health systems in the whole world. 

The only people slagging it off are left leaning nurses unions and ones who never have seen how dreadful public health often is offshore.  And how expensive they often are.

I have used many private systems around the world manned by medical professionals of races and cultures different to mine.  In Asia the medics generally have the bedside manner of first generation robots. Most private systems are still not as good as the public system in New Zealand.

If you are not using it to get a regular smear test then it is your own damn fault.  Own up to your shortcomings and fix it.

Not Ashley Bloomfield's, Andrew Little's, not Chris Hipkins', not the evil patriarchy or colonisers. 



  1. After the unavoidable invasion associated with childbirth you swear never to let any medical party near your nether regions again. Irrational, I know.

    1. Yet most women line up to have another child.

  2. Brilliant comment Cathy...most definitely couldn't have put it better myself...but just as an aside, I will let you into a little secret...the digital exam up the bum men have to check the size of the prostate is actually quite pleasurable (men have a form of it whenever they have a massage with a "happy ending" from a diminutive Asian masseuse)...but New Zealand men have to make a big song and dance about it because to admit is is actually quite nice might expose them to accusations of being a gay boy...(this will probably change with this current generation and its openness to sexual orientations bewildering in their number and nature to this old boy...)

    1. No dude, it's not pleasant in any way. And any gay dudes who think it is have obviously never had their dick inside a nice warm vagina for comparison.

    2. me thinks you're projecting your personal sexual pleasures/desires onto NZ men. it certainly isn't pleasurable especially if they need to take a sample.

  3. Curious which private systems you've utilized? I heard good things about the German system

    One thing going for NZ public health is that it's better than the Canadian equivalent in terms of ER waiting lists otherwise there are better systems to be around (and worse of course)

  4. I think it's ironic you're praising the NZ healthcare system when it's all but impossible to get a medically qualified doctor to deliver your baby there.


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