Ardern Wedding Guests Set To Mingle With Gangsters

Good news. Jacinda Ardern has drip-fed more wedding details, how exciting.  The event will be held in Gisborne over summer and promises to be the social event of the year.

There is a large issue with the venue however.

The accommodation of course is limited because of this.

Gisborne has experienced rapid population growth since the turn of the millennium.

As of June last year, there were about 320 whānau living in insecure housing, such as the streets, cars, garages, or tents.

The social housing waiting list is the second highest per capita in the country, growing from 59 to 555 over the past five years.

Sometimes the motels are so full with people in emergency accommodation, it's tough for out-of-towners to find a place to stay.

Look for a promise and announcement soon of increased funding for emergency housing in Gisborne then!


  1. Wikipedia will be adding Gisborne to its list of examples for this:

    No doubt the ratbags, riffraff and general range of dregs will be rounded up and run out of town before Her Highness and Prince Jethro ride in with their entourage of NZ's array of cut-rate celebrities.

    Pray to your Gods that the Aussies do not manage to export a few community cases the week or two beforehand. The tantrum would be epic if she is forced to cancel her coronation...errr... wedding.

  2. Well we all know it will be on the Gizzie Marae, with our Queen in her Maori/Muslim headscarf gear, Cloak and baby pretty wahine in attendance.
    All local tribes will be attending with or without invitations for as you know a great Kai will be provided by the Army for the week - like Waitangi fiasco.
    Crayfish will be unavailable round the coast from now on to feed the gangs.

  3. Honeymoon in Argentina?


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