Getting Your "Big Girls" Pants On

Poor Kiri Allan has been having a hard time of it lately battling cancer. In politicising this with her friends linking her story to health access and race issues, she then copped some abuse directed at her online by mainly men who should behave better even if they feel provoked.  Allan posted some of those comments, to prove presumably what we already know - people when online make rude comments.

However somehow Newshub managed to draw in other groups into a piece of clickbait for our viewing pleasure.  Of course all about race, because that is what their clickbait peddles.  What followed I have trouble believing:

Selah Hart, chief executive of Auckland-based Māori public health group Hāpai Te Hauora, told The Hui on Monday the poor treatment Māori women receive makes it less likely they'll go back, even if it's for something critical. Even little things like names being pronounced incorrectly can erode trust in the health system.

"When you take a step back and you understand the concepts of whakawhanaungatanga, of understanding how to say your name properly... I've had to personally experience having my name torn apart for 30-something odd years."

I wonder how badly people want me to care about the state of their health when they do not seem to care much about their own. 

Wrapping emotive comment around very broad Maori "concepts" that are explanations of things not actually unique to Maori, is the way of selling such to make it non-debatable by non-Maori.  I venture into such areas.  Areas that always change in the name of understanding this end game of Te Ao, which leads the foolish on a Dorothy style expedition on a Yellow Brick Road to find this Te Ao. Te Ao is never meant to be understandable to any non-Maori questioning the proverbial being taken out of us every time these extremist activists communicate.

If Maori seriously are not turning up to medical appointments because a receptionist calls out their name not to their liking, you have to just much do they care about themselves?

I am just a little older than Selah, and treatment of my name in New Zealand is bad enough for me.  Try spending 20 years in countries not necessarily where English is their first language, navigate my first name, spelling the first letter, let alone my surname.  Explaining every bloody time.  Calling it out over the phone in phonetic alphabetic to call centre operators.  Wishing you were just called Jane Smith.  Oh my "whakawhanaungatanga" by then has been so wounded the w's have gone to loud f's.

Selah is not a Maori name.  Hart is not a Maori name. Having your "name torn apart for 30-something odd years" indicates we have yet another little drama queen Maori political activist this time as a CEO of a Maori public health group.

Guess what Selah?

You cope with such disappointments in life. You go put your big red socialist girl pants on. And harden the f*** up.

Because absolutely no one else in the universe should care more about your own health.

Than yourself.

How about Maori just turn up for the predominantly free services they are receiving and worry more about their own health right now than the perceived distress and suffering of a document etched a couple of hundred years ago between two sets of less evolved groups of people who both migrated to a country?

Turning up.  

95% of life can be made easier by just ------ turning up.  

On time as well.  

Turning up.

And forget Maori for a second, has Selah ever tried to get a white middle-class professional man over 50 years old to go to the damn doctor?

Try dealing with that.  I can tell you - almost impossible.  Without plenty of treats.

Forget about the vaccines ,"appointment hesitancy" is not special to Maori.


  1. LOL so let's get this straight. Some receptionist who hasn't seen Selah mangles her name and this is because of anti-Maori racism... even though her name is not Maori in the slightest so how could the bloody receptionist know to be racist? Maybe the receptionist is anti-semitic, since Selah is a Hebrew name? Imagine how peeved the jack-booted receptionist is going to be to find out that the little Jewish girl they tried to give a verbal kicking to is actually Maori. It's so hard to be a white supremacist these days.

  2. I don't know any Maori person who has been offended over name pronunciation. Most normal people correct pronunciation. If you are paid to find racism and increase diversity, you need to find something to make your job run and run

  3. Excellent column. I've had two surnames I had to spell every time, then there's pron, and even with my 3rd, Taylor, I still have to spell it 7 times out of 10! Woe woe woe, & how can I monetise this??? (thinking of changing mine to Nrg...)


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