If It Walks Like A Duck, Quacks Like a Duck, It is Not a Peacock

The Maori Party are convinced that everything they do not like in New Zealand is racist.  Their political brand relies on it.  The latest is that because you are not indigenous (what is that anyway?), you cannot even comment on indigenous rights.  This would give them the monopoly on all debate.  They are really playing in a sandpit at the "boy who cried wolf" school currently.  Being called racist by these two scribbled, intimidatory, mindless thugs, has become a badge of honour.

Forget Tokyo, the Maori Party are running their own Olympics this year.  It may be called the Special Oppression Olympics, but right now they are frontrunners to fill the entire podium.

The largest players of the race card we have seen in recent years are now just behaving like boarish, dancing and prancing sneaker wearing oafs in the House.  It is a shame Winston Peters is not around to put them back in the jewellery box where they belong.

John Tamihere made me smug last week in compiling this vile piece of "white hating" trash that the NZ Herald published.  The tone of it follows:

The response to the Government's announcement of a Māori Health Authority triggered white New Zealanders to vent on social media with a venom that Māori are confronted with most days of their lives.

Māori do not receive equal services compared to white New Zealanders that share Aotearoa.

it would mean no white person in New Zealand

I felt smug that in the last Mayoral election I voted for Phil Goff.  You know the other option is bad when I sensibly chose Phil Goff.

The best thing that has ever happened in John Tamihere's life is that he was born part-Maori.  He has been milking it better than a Lewis Road Creamery collaboration project since that day trying to convince "white" New Zealanders that he is a moderate and deserves endless funding.  He is not, he is and always has been an extremist Maori activist so is only now showing his true colours, after being dumped on his ass trying to hang off Christine Fletcher's coat-tails.  Not to be outdone we get the usual DN-P madness.

Māori Party co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer said while gun violence needed to be addressed, they were concerned the new powers would simply replicate the systemic racism that already existed in police.

In particular they were concerned at police racially profiling Māori who they simply believed to be in gangs, or stereotyping them if in possession of expensive assets.

"We are always concerned. We are dealing with the doubling down in the profiling of Māori and need to hold the Police Minister accountable."

The easiest way to target gangs, is to use AML legislation and provide whistleblowing rewards for car, bike, boat and high value asset dealers, to rat them out and recover the funds.  20-30% of proceeds would be a good incentive.

I thought the current AML/CFT law would be good enough for this, however Labour are proposing new powers that seem to be needed. Kris Faafoi quite sensibly comments:

The changes will put the onus on gangs to prove they can legally afford the things they own - and not just Lamborghinis, boats and bikes, but clothes and shoes too - things "young people would find attractive", says Faafoi. 

Faafoi confirmed that someone handing over a whole lot of Air Jordan's would raise suspicion. 

"That's the kind of thing that we've seen evidence of."

There are many examples right now in New Zealand of these tattooed thugs parading bling around town.  It is quite clear that their "online app fitness businesses" possibly are not funding their lifestyles, else New Zealand would have much lower rates of obesity and they would look less like steroid injected circus clowns with their blonde barbies.  Property development/building seems to also be a laundering venue of choice as well. There are also plenty of kids running businesses on instagrams looking far more successful than the covid-economy has allowed it.  Many I suspect are running side-hustles to their main gig as the local drug dealer.

Lawyers have to report suspicious transactions else be in the hole with their clientele.  It is time that the dealers in the bling be brought into the detection and collection of information and funds.

You do that not by providing a stick to beat them with, but whistleblower rewards to encourage dobbing the crooks in using laundered cash to buy bling we all know they cannot afford in their real job.

Taking the bling off the gangs removes their recruitment entirely.

They would have to recruit by more stealth means.  

Such as, oh I don't know - donations to The Maori Party perhaps?

The ridiculous performance by the Maori Party yesterday suggests to me Faafoi is completely on the right track. For what is the purpose of peddling drugs and other misery if at the end the bro can't have a hot car, hot girls and hotter bikes and boats?


  1. So, Mr Tamihere, what public health services can I access which you can’t?


  2. Perhaps these people should look up the word Aboriginal - does not only apply to Australians


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