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New Zealanders in Hong Kong are packing up their lives and heading home, driven by concerns about ongoing restrictions on speech, political activities and the city’s residents - as well as Covid-19. Lucy Craymer reports.


Blabla.........Craymer then finds examples of two families that would have left Hong Kong anyway. 

The society estimates there are around 30,000 New Zealand citizens or residents living in the city. The estimate is based on the number of Australians living in the city who, unlike New Zealanders, have to register. The Consulate-General says there are 3000 New Zealanders resident there “and considerably more when including dual nationals on New Zealand passports”.

Right, this doesn't make any sense.  3,000 I would accept but 30,000 hell no.  Australians? Maybe.

“It wasn’t safe,” she says. “It still isn’t safe. You can’t speak freely about the things that you believe in in Hong Kong anymore.”

Newsflash - In Hong Kong since the handover it has never been safe to speak too freely about things as a foreigner.  Stay out of local affairs.  

It belongs to Mainland China, you have always been living in China, the Brits have gone. 

Get over it.


  1. Same in Singapore. You know the rules. Can't believe anyone would want to go back to NZ now, where its no longer 'safe' to express certain opinions. No thanks, I'll keep my mouth shut here and also keep my money out of the hands of the woke socialists.

    1. Exactly, as an Expat in Singapore in the early 2000's I was advised by the Europeans company I worked for not to speak to taxi drivers or others about Singapore politicians, and to avoid all political discussions!


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