What Did Winston Peters Know About He Puapua?

On the face of it, Labour look like they stole the chance of NZ First getting to 5%.

Jackson, the current minister for Māori development, said Labour had not deliberately withheld the report from Peters, but with Covid-19 the prior minister, Nanaia Mahuta, put the report aside.

There is one argument, a strong one, that had Winston Peters been aware of the content of the report I am sure he would have made hay while the sun shone and picked up a few more votes in only the way Winston Peters can. Therefore Labour have screwed him over harder than is imaginable and he should never trust the brothers again.

But............ the other argument is that it is completely unbelievable that Winston Peters, fishing buddy with the father of the author of the report and Chair of the whole Working Group, did not know what was happening all along. 

That with his tentacles everywhere in Maoridom, that someone had not seen the report and given him a wink up?  Come on he is one of the best connected Maori politicians in Maoridom that there has ever been! Shane Jones being one of the other nominees for that award!

He Puapua was signed off by the Chair on 1 November 2019.  The Working Group remember was only established in August 2019. Making He Puapua the fastest the hui mad Maori have ever convened and agreed to do, well pretty much anything.  Throw in Wellington's public sector into the mix and it is impossible to draft something from scratch in this time frame.

In addition, the daughter of Winston Peters' fishing buddy was concurrently granted a scholarship by the Royal Society for "Constitutional Transformation to Accommodate Māori in Aotearoa/New Zealand: Lessons from Around the Globe".  The framework was already completed.

How the hell else did Peters think the Working Group would wrap up matters than with a bombshell separatist report of political dynamite?  He was in the position while in Cabinet to nix this Working Group in the bud from the beginning with more moderate appointees. 

He did absolutely nothing, he did not even seem to follow up the report when it should have been done and sitting with Mahuta. From November 2019 right through to the election a year later in 2020.

Either Winston Peters is the dimmest man in New Zealand.

Or this is yet another piss-take, nudge-nudge, conspiracy played along with his behind the scene mates in the Labour Maori caucus.  Maori Theatrics at its finest.

Winston Peters I can safely report is not the dimmest man in New Zealand.  Far, far from it.

But the silly white voters who are thinking again he's the second coming of Jesus three times over, sure are if they fall for this one. Yet again.

There is only one way to express your dismay with separatism. Support this guy and press National to take the opposition to all these silly ideas, seriously.


  1. "oh, obviously I couldn't go with National because they are sex perverts"

    Give me a f*") en break

  2. Murray PattersonJune 22, 2021 at 1:34 PM

    I reckon that NZ's status as the least corrupt country in the world has taken a hammering with
    this He Puapua nonsense and the secret deals and machinations that the politicians get involved in.
    The public has been sucker punched on this matter and it must continue to be fought against.

  3. Probably should read, used to be one of the least corrupt countries. The more the current Maori bullshit gets a hold, corruption will surely increase

  4. Peter Williams referencing your blog on Magic Talk this morning. Agrees with you.


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