Why Chinese Tourists May Never Return To New Zealand Until Covid Hysteria Goes

Picture this.  I know it will be hard right now as it is all but fairy dust with the loony lockdown left in charge.

The borders open.  With vaccine passports.  

You will have to prove you are vaccinated to get into New Zealand.

Only there is yet another issue.  The box on the form.

What vaccine have you had?

Right now in Asia, a very large proportion of the region's citizens are being jabbed with the "pretty hopeless" Chinese jabs.  The "developing world" have all been given supplies as part of the "vaccine diplomacy" from the Mainland. India even is using the Russian Sputnik.

Chinese health authorities have been quiet about the long vaccine evaluation process, although experts have confirmed that data from foreign vaccine companies was being reviewed.

China seems to be in no hurry to have a foreign jab, with health officials anticipating a production capacity of 5 billion doses of local vaccines within the year and at least 15 million doses being administered daily in recent weeks.

Expats in China tell the story:

Of the 845,000 foreigners living in mainland China, fewer than 25 per cent – or 200,000 – had been vaccinated against Covid-19 as of early June.

China is well on track to meet its target of vaccinating 40 per cent of its 1.4 billion population by the end of the month but according to the president of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Shanghai, many foreigners may be waiting for a foreign vaccine to become available.

The Chinese expect to hit 70% of their population "by the end of the year". Whenever that is.

Thing is, will New Zealand's extraordinarily conservative health policy wonks accept their vaccinations to enter?  

The Chinese vaccine simply is an inferior product, without really any independent testing.  Results are showing that Covid is still flowing freely where it has been used.

Because right now this absurdity is occurring in the real world:

“For people who need to work in or return to mainland, the Chinese vaccine is the only option for them,” Cheung said. “Westerners will only choose the vaccine recognised by their home country.”

It is a question worth asking right now of the lunatic lockdown left considering New Zealand relies so much on getting the Chinese tourists back (and with it Chinese international students).

Will the Chinese vaccines be accepted?  

And if so will the New Zealand public have an appetite for it once they realise this?  That there are several classes of vaccines in the world right now and once released from their own country, the Chinese will be in the wild with an inferior product.

Because until the tourism and international education industry gets an answer on this, there really is no hope for a revival in anything anytime soon.


  1. It doesn't matter. St Cindy and her pink haired entourage have painted themselves into a zero death corner. Since even us who have the pfizer jab could in principle still carry the virus, or unvaccinated babies or kids or orhers may carry it, then how can any outsider be let into in NZ? I'm 100% certain Cindy and her clown car team have no plan to actually open up the country before they are gone from power and someone else will get the blame for a few deaths. St Cindy will not accept any tarnish on her halo.

  2. Now days it is very hard to differentiate between Western Anti Chinese "propoganda" and reality. Then add in Chinas reticence in providing detailed information. Who knows what the ferks going on.

    So the question on effectiveness will remain open. Of course the Sinopharm??? is a traditional vaccine and not one of these new fangled protein spike jobbies.

    Of course we must trust WHO(guffaw guffaw) as they have given the Sino%^&* jab its tick of approval.

    Personally I dont care about supposed effectiveness. I just want the piece of paper to say I have survived 2 jabs.

    1. that is true however I would like to know which one is the best for that travel without becoming a human pincushion carrying more than one vaccine passport!

    2. I'd say pfizer is your best bet, if only because most of the US and Europe have used it for the general populations under 65.

  3. The whole thing is medical insanity foisted on the world by low-grade public health officials who couldn't make the cut at actually practicing medicine. I guess the exams were too hard so better to become a bureaucrat.
    One doesn't collect vaccines jabs. If you're immune, you're immune, whether that be via effective vaccine or acquired immunity.

    Yet we see this type of nonsense. Which probably doesn't matter too much as NYC is dead anyway, the 1% who pay 40%+ of city/state taxes are leaving thanks to the dynamic pro BLM sponsored crime duo of De Blasio and Cuomo.



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