Don't You F***ing Know Who I Am Ya C***s? - Coming Soon To The National Party

The National Party man children are all threatening to write or seem to have written books about their bruising time in politics.

I need not comment on their efforts but this threat caught my eye today on Simon Bridges Facebook thread that previewed his chapter titles. The book promises to be up there as one of the dullest books in political history. There have been plenty. 

Please politicians unless you are Winston Peters - no more books. That means you Paula Bennett and definitely you Helen Clark and Jim Bolger. No more. Malcolm Turnbull is about to show you why. We will all mock you, that’s why. 

Aaron Gilmore's book is threatened for 6 months time.  Coinciding with Christmas.

Eight years on adding to the Gilmore legend, it really could only now be titled "Don't You F***ing Know Who I Am, Ya C***s?"


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