New Zealand Deportations Of Foreigners Covid Nixed Yet New Zealand Citizens Cannot Come In?

So back in May, Chris Hipkins slipped this one that went through most people to the keeper.   I thought it was rather strange at the time but I definitely parked it in the back of my mind with the logic of the legalese.

In addition, having been taught dirty politics I know Hipkins was trying to tell us something without wanting us to know the full story.  Do not be fooled by the red hair, he is a filthy little scrapper.

"If you're a Kiwi desperate to get home, do it now," Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said.

Forget that part, here was the kicker. 

While its space in MIQ facilities which has brought the change of heart, Hipkins teased they also may be legal pressures.

NZ has a bill of rights that guarantees the ability of citizens to enter and exit the country.

Hipkins said the incredible demand for MIQ was "starting to push up against that right".

"We have been very conscious of the fact that New Zealanders have a right to return back to New Zealand," he said.

Right so roll forward to July and there is huge demand for MIQ and a booking system that is seeing third parties now offer their services to book spots for you for the fees of thousands of dollars.  No one can book a spot unless one comes up from a cancellation between now and the end of November. December will be a complete blockbuster.  This is after New Zealand has had more than 15 months to get this situation sorted one way or another with more MIQ spots, home quarantine or an actual vaccine rollout that was "first in the queue" and not last in the OECD.  The country has had more than a reasonable period of time to rectify the situation yet Labour have chosen to do nothing or have actually tried and achieved very little.   

Yes there is actually no ability to enter New Zealand currently as you cannot even physically get on a flight to come back without an MIQ voucher.  The State has created a barrier before stepping foot in the country.   

The government is breaching the Bill of Rights section 18(2) "Every New Zealand citizen has the right to enter New Zealand", every day it has not got the MIQ situation sorted within a reasonable timeframe.  The requirement of needing an MIQ voucher has absolutely taken away the right of a citizen to enter New Zealand, you cannot even get on an Air NZ plane to get your Cookietime or lime jet planes.

155,977 people have gone through MIQ, just .7% have tested positive for Covid so 99.3% of incoming MIQ passengers have sat with brains rotting, detained by the State for 14 days with absolutely nothing wrong with them at all despite all the tests before and after flying in, to prove it.

Today however one large cat jumped firmly out of the legal bag.

Bottom feeding grifter Former New Zealand First Minister, John Delamere has jumped on the chance to pump his business for criminal foreign scumbags judiciously brought this to the attention of the upstanding listeners of ZB Drive.

Delamere told Heather du Plessis-Allan they are doing "very few" deportations, and the tribunal's decision will effectively prevent any deportations to any country struggling amid the pandemic.

"You've now got a precedent that the tribunal has said that Covid-19 in India... it is an exceptional humanitarian circumstance, and you can't be deporting anyone there. That goes for Brazil, that goes for a lot of countries in Asia and probably all of Africa."

It appears that New Zealand authorities have decided not to deport individuals back to "Covid ravaged" nations because it would be "inhumane".

Delamere goes on:

Former immigration minister Tuariki Delamere says the failed deportation will have Immigration New Zealand "freaking out".

It should have the Labour government also as they cannot have it both ways in their woke "be kind to ratbag foreigners" world.

Thanks to the borders being closed, to enter the country you need an unavailable MIQ spot. This situation however seems somehow "humane" to leave New Zealand passport holders without criminal records actually in nations that are likewise by a New Zealand definition "covid ravaged"?

Most New Zealanders right now describe Sydney as covid ravaged!

You see right now in New Zealand with a foreign passport you have more human rights, indeed total rights to be in New Zealand as a foreign criminal scumbag awaiting deportation, than you would with a sole New Zealand passport, responsibly double jabbed and sitting waiting for an MIQ spot in the same or similar country that the foreign criminal scumbag is from.

Perhaps this is what Hipkins meant by "legal pressures".  And where does Crown Law sit on this situation?

Is this the best example yet of the woke, Kafkaesque hellscape that the Potemkin village of New Zealand has truly become to those of us outside looking from afar in complete bemusement?

Anyone inside New Zealand trying not to leave has more human rights right now regardless of their criminal status than those outside trying to actually get on a flight to come home!!

P.S: Here is a petition readers stuck overseas (or who wish to travel overseas this side of 2025) may wish to support.

Support it in the link here.


  1. Hi there - I am working on exactly this at the moment. I think the government needs taking to court. The legislation allows for the quarantining of people who are considered capable of spreading an infectious disease. Clearly nearly 155,000 who do not come under this description have been detained illegally (other than via legislation which has been drawn up to override other legislation which describes this detention as illegal). Far greater burden of proof for the necessity of denying people their freedom and basic rights is required than is currently displayed by the government. For example, there are immunity tests (antibody/T-cell tests) which could demonstrate that a person is not in the category which allows for quarantining under the law. I am beyond angry about this. This mandatory isolation is incredibly costly both in economic and human terms and it has gone on unchallenged for far too long.

  2. New Zealand businesses require confirmation from the New Zealand Government that people who are fully vaccinated no longer require self-quarantine and/or managed isolation after arriving back in New Zealand.

    We welcome your support for this petition.


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