Ardern Now Peddling Her Own Theories To The Experts!

 I will just leave this here.

The best comedy often writes itself.

Having failed now twice to protect the borders and the madness of "covid zero" it is little wonder Ardern has lost faith and is lying awake at night.

Thanks Jessica.


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  3. Most of us already knew that Ardern was a joke, now she has just confirmed it. New Zealand deserves better than this idiot we have as PM

    1. It seems she is the only person not deemed an "expert" that is allowed to have their own conspiracy theory from of course "the pulpit of truth"!

    2. Don't we just love the cosiness of it all. A paid for 'journo' who gets special attention at media question time. Sooo cute and buddy buddy.

  4. I never took her seriously from the moment she got elected, which was, what... 2008? I continued to not take her seriously until she became Prime Minister, and I still don't regard her as a serious politician. I wonder if those who have had to live under her draconian rule have resigned themselves to her. Here in Texas I've had the luxury of never getting used to her. Perhaps people need to realign themselves and stop taking her seriously again. She is not a smart lady.


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