Hendy Wrong - Yet Again - The Emperor Is Wearing No Clothes

This is getting beyond a joke.

Tea leaf reader Panic merchant modeller Shaun Hendy is once again getting away with Ken Moon style predictions with no opposition whatsoever.

Right through this Covid Theatre, Shaun Hendy has been consistently wrong.  The media keep going back to him for his predictions.

If he was working for you in the private sector and you based commercial decisions on his accuracy, you would have long fired him as a danger to the balance sheet.

He is now fake news.  And this is how tame media from the Ninth Floor paid media in Stuff and RNZ let him explain away his utter BS.   

Just like a broken clock is right two times a day, Hendy seems to float in and out of predictions with gay abandon.

Professor Shaun Hendy, who is a Covid-19 modeller at the University of Auckland, said the current size of the outbreak far exceeded his initial calculations.

"Exceeded his initial calculations".  Yes in other words in the modelling world he is WRONG.

He said most of the cases being reported were still people who became infected prior to lockdown.

"This is telling us: we have got quite a large outbreak on our hands."

NO it means the contact tracing system is 600 staff behind.  Datacom have had to advertise this week for 600 more to add to the 600 they had.  The outbreak is not large or even widespread.  Not one case in Coromandel.  Not one.

He said he now thought that number could be as high as 300 given the number of young people infected and the "super-spreader" church service in Māngere.

Right so your model did not take that into account? That New Zealand has a reasonably large brown population who attend church in close quarters? So again, your model was WRONG.

Hendy then gets involved in the politics of lockdowns - yeah no worries mate Auckland is "used to it now".  Really?

Hendy said, as such, Aucklanders should prepare to remain under level 4 for a similar length of time as last year: at least a month.

"Aucklanders are used to it now. We do have to ride it out."

He then reads the tea leaves and gets it WRONG again

"From today on, we should start to see a larger proportion of cases coming from infections after the shift to level 4 and those numbers should be much fewer."

The article was published on the 26th August.

Today is the 28th of August.

26th August 68 new cases

27th August 70 new cases

28th August 83 new cases. 

Stop listening to and relying on Hendy's bullshit.  He has as much credibility as a Treasury economist currently in predicting what is going to happen.  He is a vital cog in the academic cabal of leftist lockdown lunatics who are frothing themselves over the control they now seem to have leading a weak Prime Minister and a bunch of politicians happy with their outlook because it means more power.

This lot remember turned New Zealand into a team of 5 million potential hypochondriacs with this extreme, ridiculous and irresponsible prediction:

Left unchecked, the virus would eventually infect 89 percent of New Zealand's population and kill up to 80,000 people in a worst-case scenario.

I leave you with this comment to ponder about how much of a game these muppets think this is.  He is making shit up, admits that and glows in it.

It's the first time we've ever done anything like this in New Zealand so there's a lot of guesswork involved," he says. "Every day we're rebuilding the engine under the hood." 

This would normally not matter but they are deciding daily and you are letting them, tell you that you cannot leave your home.

In the time it took to write this post we now have Hendy calling for a TIGHTER Level 4!!

Hendy said tightening restrictions could even include thinking about "selectively closing supermarkets" and other essential businesses.

"If it doesn't plateau over the next few days then we may need to be thinking about tightening alert level 4 restrictions. The real worry is if we continue to see spread through businesses that are operating."

And in the same breath.

"While it is still in known clusters, you can't say it's out of control." 


  1. Unfortunately I am staying with my elderly sister(caught here visiting when L4 started).
    Like many elderly folk they insist on watching(and believing the 6pm propaganda doom and gloom show).

    Have taken to absenting myself when this idiot is featured/referenced as I cant stop myself shouting charlatan and fuckin idiot at the TV set.

    At least the sister is no longer happy with "her with the teeth""

  2. RNZ seems to get mesmerised by these bullshit artists - do you remember how every fucking week we were bombarded by the fake journalist Simon Marks- who assured us that the Russian collusion evidence against Trump was so overwhelming that impeached was a mere formality. Four years of shouting down the mike by this schmuck, but no word of a President who could not find his way home in the dark.

  3. Yeah Hendy is a shill and a charlatan. Yeah NZ is being f***ed gloriously and repeatedly by the amateur hour team running the place. But come on Cactus.... for those of us lucky enough not to be dependent on the the shitshow that birthed us... who cares any more?

    1. One would not other than summers in NZ are quite tasty. The cricket.

  4. Hendy is an absolute joke

    Even Fergusson and his Imperial College model only topped out at 400,000 deaths (0.5% of the UK population)

    That model which Our Boy Blunder Hendy "tweaked" produced a suggested 80,000 in a population of 5m or about 1.6%

    So let's get this right. NZ with its much more spread out population, lack of tower blocks, better climate (marginally) was going to suffer 3 x the deaths that the UK would with its crowded cities, tower blocks, weekly mass sporting events...

    Hendy was a fear-mongering shite-peddler from day one and not only is he wearing no clothes now but he's never actually owned any

  5. FMD !! Bowled over one of my prize chooks earlier on, checked out the entrails, and came up with a 'no prob's Bro' reading to my question re current CV19 situation - However, just to sure, have parceled the entrails up and couriered them off to 80K Shaun for a 2nd opinion, before I pass on the good news to Mrs Ed and 'Bubbles' Bloomfield. ( roast chicken for dinner )

  6. He fucked us farmers over with mbovis. Its still out there, we havnt got rid of it. But the country paid out a couple of hundred million to get some cows dead


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