It Is Not Racism - It Is Frustration


It is not clear how many these are but he said more than 100 people who were at the August 15 service at the church had turned up for testing.

Pacific health expert Dr Colin Tukuitonga said the Māngere Assembly of God Church cluster could turn into New Zealand’s largest cluster, after more than 500 people attended an event on August 15.

The service was a combined rally, attended by more than 500 people, and involved several other churches.

“It is a big risk, and the low immunisation rate is not good either.”

South Auckland councillor Efeso Collins said members of the church had since been subjected to online abuse and racism. 

If Pacific Islanders turned up to get vaccinated with as much exuberance as they do for church, the issue would be solved.

Personally, I would rather get fully vaccinated again than sit through a day at a church service.

Having a covid outbreak from one event is not their fault.

Having poor vaccination rates by this stage in the piece however - actually is. Especially considering the last outbreak was in this very community. They’ve had a practise run and mass communications at that time about covid.   I blogged a couple of days ago on this before knowing South Auckland was even part of this puzzle.

No excuses that the community aren’t busting down doors to join a vaccine queue, they all know what is happening, they all qualify for the jab and large percentages of the population have qualified by their circumstances through group 1 and 2.

There is a left-wing government that know how to mobilise these people to get off the couch and vote for them.  Labour is their party.  Nothing else could encourage them more to line up and get vaccinated.  Labour should be DOING EVERYTHING THEY CAN right now to encourage vaccination in Maori and Pacific Island communities. Tens of millions have been chucked at both with gay abandon to communicate covid messaging.  Even though many in the Labour party of course wish for lockdowns forever.

The Pacific Island community, under the threat of course of legal sanctions, appear happy to be tested which is good, however face facts New Zealand aint come out of this hell hole of locking up and down until Maori and Pacific Islanders line up and get the jab as well.  Ardern will just not do it.

“The Pacific community leaders are very good at mobilising the community to get tested and this is coming through in our results – by far the highest rates of testing is among our Pacific community.”

Pasifika vaccination numbers for Covid-19 remain the lowest in New Zealand

If Efeso Collins is having a whinge about any online abuse Pacific Islanders are getting now, be very very afraid of what is likely to happen if the community with their low vaccination rates is the reason that New Zealanders cannot go on holiday next year. 

At some point the captain of the team of 5 million needs to front up and give a motivation talk to the weakest links to up their game. Groups failing right now to get vaccinated are the weakest links. Let’s see how she does or doesn’t handle it from under that blanket. 


  1. I don't think they care what anyone thinks because.... people couldn't really go on holiday this year

  2. F*ck 'em...

    Set a date, let them choose to not get jabbed, open up and let the dice fall where they will

    20 years I've been in NZ and I have never seen pandering to a ridiculous minority like it anywhere else I've ever lived


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