Maori And Pacific Islanders Do Not Want The Jab - Make Them Take It

I have previously made a case for Covid vaccination to be compulsory for Maori and Pacific Islanders.

This despite both groups being under-represented in Covid cases to date.  So I had a look at the latest vaccination statistics by ethnicity, a little bit more hidden they are now on the Health Ministry website.

Oh dear.  You really can lead a horse to the water.......

Maori (16.5% of the population) make up just 8.9% of first dose and 9.3% of second dose.

Pacific Peoples (9% of the population) make up just 6% of first dose and 6.3% of second dose.

Asians by comparison of minority groups make up 15.3% of the population and 15.6% of first dose and 15.4% of second dose.

Here are the priority groups in New Zealand's vaccine rollout. 

If you are Maori or Pacific Islander and do not qualify under these priority Group 1 or even 2, then you seriously lack imagination to find a qualifying class to demand a vaccine early from your local provider!

Dr Ashley Bloomfield says the ministry is now going to the DHBs to try to get more specific patient data so they can understand the total size of each priority group.
The usual excuses have been rolled out however let the media report the facts as we were told how vulnerable these groups were to death and destruction.

The big talking and no acting continued.  

Maori and Pacific Islanders are the two "vulnerable" groups the country spent tens of billions of dollars locking down and protecting as left wing politicians and activists were quick to remind us that Maori died back in 1918. That they now will not take the jab as minority Asians are doing in their numbers, is an insult to every New Zealander who has had their lives disrupted since March 2020 accordingly in often tragic ways.

Cough. Where have they done this?

Tens of millions of dollars have been thrown at Maori for the vaccination rollout and the comms.  Where are the KPI's to date?  The accountability?  Is anyone getting up them or are they just handing out more money?

All this talk chucking a bit of Te Reo in the media to sound impressive and the numbers do not lie.  Maori especially have more access to vaccines than anyone and their statistics are still woeful.
Over $40 million had been allocated for communities facing significant barriers in their rollout, including $24.5m for community-based vaccine support services to support Māori health providers, and 40,000 courses of the vaccine as a starting point.
Maori are being hired as consultants to this comms and advertising effort.  Other Maori presumably not on the ticket, are finding it offensive and being offended.  

It is a shit shambles of infighting and gamesmanship and no accountability of KPI's.
A spokeswoman for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet Covid-19 group said the ad was developed with “input from several Māori communications experts”.
They then did what they always do on the Ninth Floor and chucked even more money into it.
In response to these concerns, the Ministry of Health recently committed $3m to a Māori Covid-19 vaccination communications fund to create more iwi-centric communications.
Do Maori and Pacific Islanders still not understand how important and where to get a vaccine from?

Or is it as I predict it to be, that neither group are stupid and they just do not want to be vaccinated?

They clearly do not fear death from Covid anywhere near the way the left wing politicians have used them to keep borders shut. Now they are taking the piss by ignoring calls to get vaccinated. 

Ardern said 98 port workers who had dealt with the Rio De La Plata had been tested but only nine of the workers were fully vaccinated.

She pointed out that it was now mandatory for those workers to be vaccinated by the end of September "or it may mean job loss".

Stop farfing around and call them out, we know who these people are and where they are from and who they are influenced by.  They were meant to be vaccinated months ago.  Vaccines are available.

Same when this happened.  What were the ethnicities of persons who turned up to this? It was an event target specifically at South Auckland and Maori and Pacific Islanders. Hmmm......

More Maori than ever sit in Cabinet, how about they get off their large backsides, provide some leadership and find out what it is?  And fix it.  

Because if this vaccine "stroll out" among Maori and Pacific Islanders is the reason the borders stay shut and lockdowns happen, I can tell you right now there is nothing that will split the country even more than He Puapua after the billions that have been spent and the comms hundreds of millions to chosen MCM (middle class Maori) consultants - 

To help people who do not wanna help themselves.


  1. You've really jumped the shark on this one Cathy... it's just none of your damned business whether someone else takes a vaccine or not. Stop being such a bloody Karen! You're not entitled to force other people to put something in their bodies because your shitty draconian government won't let you do stuff otherwise. Surely the problem in this case is not the lousy Maoris, but the lousy government? Did it ever occur to you to focus your energies on that instead?

    1. The whole reason NZ shut its borders were to protect vulnerable people. Maori and PI leaders collectively made a large and loud song and dance about it and played the race card.
      If they are now not going to get vaccinated I would say they are the problem as are any other NZers in the "vulnerable" categories who beg and plead daily for NZ to stay a Hermit Isle. You cannot have it both ways.

    2. Let's leave aside the obvious point that the noisy elite activist tangata whenua et al and the great unwashed refuseniks are not the same people, and ask why there is any lockdown or hermit isle in the first place. It's all garbage. Very few healthy people without other chronic conditions are dying from Covid. Yet you seem to have just accepted the necessity of what Horsey and her government have done, and are now obsessed with this vaccine as the only way out of the prison that they have arbitrarily made for you. Which, even if you unquestioningly accept your new Labour overlords, it is not. The vaccine does nothing to stop the spread of the virus, and its efficacy especially for healthy people is dubious. It's not the panacea you think or claim it is. Making brown people jump through pointless hoops for your satisfaction is not the solution.

      This so called pandemic has turned into a farce, and kowtowing to the mask and vaccine crowd is not just politically asinine, it's *unscientific*. Politicians are destroying people's lives right now, far more than any coronavirus could. If your answer is more political control, you need to hand in your VRWC card.

    3. On the contrary, the great unwashed and elitist activists never want the borders open as they have some insane thoughts that everyone will become as poor and miserable as they are. If you have seen the Monty Pythonesque reasons Labour are disguising payouts to their mates due to "Covid" that the Taxpayers Union have been publishing, you should see this has to end ASAP. The longer the country remains shut the longer these payouts will be justified.

      Once vaccine targets have been met there is no excuse to get on with it. UK and USA have proved this and they won't be going back. Bottom line is if you want to travel overseas within the next decade you are going to need a Covid vaccine passport clearance so resistance to getting a jab is futile, get on with it.

    4. The argument will be moot anyway Covid will find a way in at some point anyway because you only need to look at the govt. border incompetence. Probably better to get it over with before all the healthcare workers leave.
      Blair is right here, the vaccine is non-sterilsing so it will knock down the symptoms but it can still remain transmissible. In my view this is how it will eventually get out, a vaccinated individual who will have no idea they have it. You can get lucky many times, but over time I think the probability of virus outbreak rises to 1.
      The groups you discuss (in general) barely look after their basic health as it is, so is anyone shocked they aren't queuing up for vaccination? Only NZ magical thinking could think that was ever going to be the case.

  2. Why are Europeans lumped alongside “other” and why are they at the bottom of the table - when they are the overwhelming majority of the population?

  3. Why force them? Once everyone has had their chance to get jabbed just throw the doors open. If you refused the jab for no good reason or just couldn't be arsed, you go to the back of the queue in the health system when you inevitably get sick with 'rona. Refuseniks get a gurney in a corridor if they are lucky.

  4. An Alabama doctor watched patients reject the coronavirus vaccine. Now he’s refusing to treat them. Alabama, where the nation’s lowest vaccination rate has helped push the state closer to a record number of hospitalizations, a physician has sent a clear message to his patients: Don’t come in for medical treatment if you are unvaccinated. Jason Valentine, a physician at Diagnostic and Medical Clinic Infirmary Health in Mobile, Ala., posted a photo on Facebook this week of him pointing to a sign taped to a door informing patients of his new policy coming Oct. 1.



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