Panic Sets In - Will The Ardern Ego Ever End?

Sunday Sermon messaging - panic!!!

"Everyone needs to act and behave as if they have Covid," said Ardern.

But they DO NOT.

Outside of Auckland and Wellington THERE IS NO COVID.

Outside of Auckland and Wellington the people are just getting on with their lives.  Vigilant pro-Ardern followers I know are already ignoring the hype and getting on with it.

Michael Baker says cases are plateauing

Grant Robertson her Deputy, says NZ will have more vaccinated than any country in the WORLD. Righto.

Ardern keeps claiming she's "deeply disturbed" at the very few hospital cases.

Stable but "deeply concerning".  So yeah what about every other hospital case in there "stable" (which means in public health medico speak - should almost be at home so more urgent cases can take the bed). Is Ardern "deeply concerned" about them as well?

Right so have the Chinese still got fast meat to slice up? What did that even mean?  Garbage.

This would be amusing but remember it is the likes of muppets like Siouxsie Wiles with their ever changing predictions and modelling that are deciding when YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR HOUSE.

She has an opinion on everything.  She is the most political of all the activists.  Right down to universal benefits. Oh and economics.

We were delighted to hear Dr Siouxsie Wiles, Auckland University microbiologist and media science commentator express support for a Basic Income during a Radio NZ Morning Report interview on 16 March, 

You are adults.

You have common sense.

Use it.

None of these "leaders" have any idea what they are doing.  When you are crying out that you are an expert and have the only worthwhile opinion on which way to guess, you are LOSING.

Compared to Siouxsie I AM an expert on law and I can tell you right now, not only have laws been broken to date, they will continue to be to breach the Bill of Rights of New Zealanders every single day this charade of Covid zero continues.  It is only a weak politically appointed Supreme Court that has not ended this New Zealand "elimination" strategy already. 

Because we have no rich prick with the nuts of Clive Palmer to contest this absurdity.

Yes, we remember "right back at the start of the pandemic" - in January 2020 when Siouxsie you said to Mike Hosking that there would be no pandemic in New Zealand.

Your guess is now as good as and worth as much as every other New Zealander who should now have an opinion as to the future of their lives, one not controlled by people like yourself.

You have pink hair.

It looks ridiculous. 

I went to High School with your colleague Nikki Moreland and she is smarter than you will ever pretend to be.

I sat in an assembly in the 3rd form when she was made Dux of my school in her 7th form. I remember this in awe of her academic achievement.  I then stood where she was in my 7th form. Nikki as I heard was going off to cure cancer…..covid surely would be quite easy in comparison. 

The chap who came second to me the whole of my high school (apart from Computer studies) as I dragged him around like the little geek bitch he was, is apparently now Professor and Head of School for Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences at UNSW Sydney. Good on him. Excellent work.

Yeah so probably better in the pecking order than you Siouxsie. 

No one has a monopoly on an opinion to the Covid response.  We know the science.  How dare you dismiss the opinions of others when your opinion actually is worth really just a bunch of saggy tits?

Still waiting for the science to be released from you that New Zealanders need to lose weight and have had now some 18 months, to prevent the largest co-morbidity of Covid being obesity?

The rest of the world has moved on from locking down and eliminating. New Zealand authorities simply have no moral or legal authority to continue to rule by unelected health officials. None at all. 

The response in New Zealand to Covid  is now political so stay in your left wing activist lane.

The health response is so political right now as New Zealand is the last country remaining with this daft lockdown strategy that everyone commenting as alleged “experts” on matters is fair game.


  1. Right on..
    Ferkin ""experts"" are full of crap in the pursuit of self glorication.
    And the MSM carrys on with them....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Altho to be fair..some are quoting Des Gorman, who is an actual public health expert!!

  2. And to make matters worse, Ardern (and her cohort of "experts") appear to be doubling down by suggesting that our current level 4 lockdown could become even tougher ... a level 4.5, or maybe even higher! Let's see - we'll be prevented from leaving home, all stores closed, breathing still permitted but only in times of extreme necessity ...

    1. The only surprise is that there are still almost 50 cases even after 2 weeks of jailing you all. Yes.

  3. If the case numbers go down as they predict this will just continue. Despite the talk, a lot of Australia is still locked down in some way shape or form, despite tough talk from Morrison. Even the Brits are saying they may lock down if the volume of deaths start looking like they go up again, as well as vaccinating 12 years and above. The Israelis are saying they have a third booster and will take away your "vaccine passport" they have introduced there from September because efficacy from the Pfizer vaccine fades over time. So in short, when our experts are right they are really "right", and no one minds because they have saved lives. Really to make this end is for we need the money to run out, and to be fair a Labour government will get there faster than a National one. Further for any alternative government it is probably better for them not to have any money to make our lives better anyway because right now their message is that "we will be slightly less shit".

    1. Not too sure what this means.

    2. All the money has to run out, and then we will get people who learn to manage their budget as if they are managing a household budget, rather than they are spending all their single person's money on coke and hookers

  4. Truth be told Wiles is a mediocre scientist with little reputation in her field and little success in getting funding or significant research results. Hendy never cut it as a proper physicist and floated into this airy-fairy area of research that requires no actual performance. Wiles at some stage said that her politics informs her science, not the other way around. Hendy before Covid was a climate change fanatic trying to get people banned from flying. They both screamed racism about other scientists pointing out traditional maori lore was not science. They both survive on being "sciencey" mouthpieces for their princess. Only in NZ could they give a different opinion every week and eventually contradict themselves entirely and still apparently retain even a shred of professional dignity.

    1. I had wondered of her actual professional credentials other than a mass of passive aggression, defensiveness and a mouth as loud as her hair.

  5. "NZ will have more vaccinated than any country in the WORLD" Pfft!
    Singapore is already at 4.4m fully vaccinated, 76.5% of the population. If I'd stayed in NZ any longer, I'd probably have covid by now...


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