Update From Charlotte Bellis - Everything Is Mighty Fine Under The Taiban!!

Charlotte Bellis I will remind you is the gorgeous young blonde thing over in Kabul living a life in a parallel universe.

Our intrepid correspondent reports via Twitter:

I think she is now trolling herself.

She does remind one so much of this woman who swears black and blue that the Mongrel Mob are you know, alright fine reformed blokes.

After giving $3 million to the Taliban, the analogy with dealing with the local gangs by Jacinda Ardern is just too uncanny.

Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta announced the aid last week, saying $3 million will go to the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations Refugee Agency in Afghanistan.

LOL. Yeah right.


  1. The 3 mil 'donation' just coincides nicely with the old Herc NZ airlift from Kabul. Looks more like a bribe to me.
    A second trip back to Dubai done I gather.

  2. Pretty white girl oblivious to the dangers others might be facing. Colour me surprised. I guess she never thought that the Taliban will leave her alone while she is handy to them as a useful idiot.

  3. "For context... I'm a pretty Western girlie and I want to make sure I don't get left behind with the ragheads"

  4. Despite having a stone age mindset, the Taliban and the Mongrel Mob are great at trolling, they believe women like strong men and know the "nobody really understands me" line works quite well.

  5. Plathists both?
    Every woman adores a fascist The boot in the face The brute brute heart of a brute like you.


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