Where The Bloody Hell Are You Maori And PI?

Get vaccinated!  Everyone is eligible now.  Both ethnicities have been eligible forever but anyway.....

Tens of billions of dollars of borrowed cash effectively from China has been spent propping up an economy on these vulnerable people to keep borders shut and tens of millions in order to encourage vaccination.

An update to 19 August:

Maori - 8.6% of first dose, 9.1% of second - 16.5% of the population.

Pacific Islanders - 5.8% of first dose, 6.2% of second - 9% of the population

Asians leading the way!  - 16% of first dose, 15.4% of second  - 15.3% of the population - GENIUSES.  They did not come down in the last shower.

 I am calling BS on this

Te Rōpū Whakakaupapa Urutā, the National Māori Pandemic Group, said the Government has failed to meet high Māori and Pasifika vaccination expectations because the Covid-19 response operates in a health system set up to benefit Pākehā .

Yeah because "Asians" have such bad stats. NOT.  They have excelled as a group in New Zealand life the same way they always do despite many not having English as a first language,  pure obvious clean logical thought based on knowing what is actually good for them. Sigh.

I posted on 29 June pleading the socialists make it compulsory for both terminally underachieving groups.

And then August 11th

NOTHING has improved.  

There is currently an outbreak of Delta the Indian variant sweeping the nation.  It could not be made clearer by poor Cindy and Ashley.  Get vaccinated dickheads.

Where the bloody hell are you guys?  Come the f'ing ON!

Both groups have had MILLIONS in marketing/advertising/PR poured into them, coined by their own elite and clearly wasted.  There is no excuse for not lining up other than abject laziness.  

I know it is hard to turn up on time not once but twice for something, but put in the bloody effort. It is your own lives you may be saving.

I almost feel sorry for Labour pushing shit uphill with these slow moving morons.  New Zealand has printed billions of dollars into protecting these apparent "vulnerable" communities.  If you cannot organise your life to get vaccinated you are in line for a Darwin Award.

It is time to turn up or shut the f*** up and let the rest of NZ get on with it.  

Save yourselves or suck it up and accept the carnage of cases to follow.

If New Zealand really was racist we wouldn't care and chuck the retards to the wolves.  What we do care about is moving the F on from Covid and this will not happen until the dim and lazy are vaccinated to get the stats up. 

Ardern will not tick that box until the slowtards are jabbed.  And in her own words to the Taliban "we are watching". New Zealand can reach 80% but if these groups have not been vaccinated that lever of covid compliance will not be lifted.



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