Gangs Fear MIQ More Than Jail


So the truth is finally getting out there.

The gangs value their rights and freedoms more than the rest of us and are refusing to be tested because if positive they get sent to MIQ and it is stricter there than in jail.

Before screaming at them let us try and understand their logic. 

Labour has more Maori and Pacific Island MP's and Ministers than ever.  Months of cuddling up to gangs and playing nice is not helping them here.  

Gangs at least can get drugs and alcohol in jail and do whatever they want in the hierarchy in there.  

They do not seem too afraid to end up there.  

The risk and inconvenience to gang members of getting tested and positive and ending up in MIQ is higher than the risk of getting caught in New Zealand and convicted of a crime and being sent to jail!

Let that sink in next time you think MIQ is easy. 

Well done Jacinda Ardern, you reap what you sow still chasing with high vaccine rates, the fiction of Covid zero.  Perhaps she is the "great unifier" after all.

She has done the impossible and united gangs and the underclass, with upper middle class folk who do not wish to MIQ when entering the country. All these groups  are now finally asking WHY, rather than blindly complying. Especially the poor and disenfranchised. 

I for one do not blame them.

I do not blame anyone in the South Auckland community and/or gangs for hiding from Covid testers.  Or the people of Clover Park who have gloriously ignored calls to be tested.

Be very afraid when polar opposites in politics and lifestyles, are actually brought together by acts of civil disobedience and questioning of authority. 

My advice to the gangs (not that they need it) is do not get tested unless you legally have to.  And you seem to not to have to. 

Why would anyone subject themselves to the chances of a positive result given how you are then treated?  

Get a positive and they'll detain you regardless of symptoms.  Your family is inconvenienced, you cannot work, you cannot do cash jobs.  

This treatment is utterly outrageous and right now you would be stark raving mad to put your hand up in New Zealand to get tested for Covid without any symptoms.  Everyone who cares about their health especially the older and newfound hypochondriacs have already had ample chance to be vaccinated. 

BUT if you think that’s overkill:

Try coming from overseas and being of any race or patch.  175,147 people have since 26  March 2020.  Just 1851 were tested positive imported cases at the border.  Or 1%.  Many of those were at the start of Covid coming from China and India exercising their second or third passports.  

Numerous entry tests, vaccinations, expensive flights that can be cancelled at the last minute AND they then make you pay for your own MIQ even when after 14 days you haven't had Covid at all!!!

The social contract has completely gone.  This is all a nonsense. 

The Bill of Rights has a justified limitations section.  When breaches are made, they have to be reasonable.  Having infinite breaches with no plan or timeline for their re-instatement is not reasonable.

New Zealand now has higher vaccination rates than many countries that already have open borders.  More importantly every New Zealander who needs it should have already had at least one shot of Pfizer.  If they have not they are not that interested in it.

There is no way ignoring key sections of the Bill of Rights can continue in a "free and democratic" society.  The Act if it continues to be ignored will result in it belonging in the shredder.

Time has passed a reasonableness test.

Do not get me started on domestic vaccine passports and the dismissal of employees who have chosen not to be vaccinated..........I will save that for another day.  Unions are deafeningly silent with how workers are being treated.  They would not have been if National were the current government.


  1. Exactly, they could have opened up ages ago, but just loved it too much, and the problem with the opposition is that they just seemed to love it, but in a slightly different way and would have violated your rights faster. To be fair, it has been pretty much the same in the UK and Australia, but still just because they have treated their own citizens like criminals doesn't mean we have to. It's a good thing people can unite behind Wanaka holiday homeowners and the gangs, because at least they can see through the BS. The Scandi countries seem to be putting their big girl pants on, so eventually we will as well.

    1. I believe that it is not so much the 'government' (in the sense of the politicians) that are the issue. In New Zealand it is now obvious that the bureaucrats have become very accustomed to exercising power and control. These people, who would otherwise be nonentities in any commercial setting, with their middling degrees in social sciences and colouring-in, are now the ones giving advice to an otherwise ineffectual administration. Its been quite clear for some time that the cabinet are a zero-sum game; its the civil servants running the show and they love it.

  2. Right back in March/April 2020 when the "flatten the curve" mantra morphed silently into "elimination" it was obvious that the government was doing nothing but kicking the can down the road. They've backed themselves into a corner they can't get out of. Just let's hope they have the decency to put the country before political popularity and admit that they were wrong. Fat chance. The abhorrent "emergency" legislation they drew up to enable their elimination goal, and all the human rights abuses it has required to attempt that, is supposed to expire in May 2022. However, they have before Select Committee the amendment bill which includes additional bizarre legislation such as allowing vigilante patrols at imaginary borders to prevent the free movement of citizens of NZ, and an extension to May 2023 of this legislation. Emergency legislation was never intended to last four years and become essentially a parallel legal system overriding our long established human rights and other legislation. I have drawn up a Parliamentary petition to express my disapproval of this legislation. I have no illusions about its success but something needed to be said in public.


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