Kentucky Fried Jabs - You Cannot Make This Up New Zealand

The entertainment from the Cindy Covid Clown Show continues.

This is an idea so obvious that a five year old could have told you it was a great idea.  Take vaccinations to the fast food chains and even reward your target group with free KFC.  The target group would be vaccinated in a weekend if Ashley Bloomfield got his act together and the government would not have had to have doled out $10's of millions to Pacific Island and Maori "consultants" for "community solutions" who have only just realised they have to perform to KPI's like achieving high vaccination rates.

Only it kind of is not because the health experts tell us that fast food is the devil and should be taxed as it targets the "wrong kind" of people.

Yup. Obesity and excessive consumption of fast food with it, actually increases your chances of dying of Covid.  Not that people have gone out since March 2020 in those "vulnerable" groups and cared about their health enough to lose weight.  Everyone who exercises personal responsibility and restraint has had to stay locked down on a couch to protect people who haven't cared about their own health in years.

Of course if you are vaccinated this reduces the chances of dying of Covid.

But also would be not eating KFC and losing weight through a better diet and exercise.

This is why linking vaccinations to fast food is a total conundrum.  It is actually a conundrum for KFC to be involved.  Even though it has happened around the world.

Imagine though the incandescent outrage from the Poynesian, Maori and woke left if anyone from the centre-right of politics came out publicly what we have all been talking about privately - just do what Labour do to sign up voters, bus them up and promise KFC to comply.

Only it did not.  

The politician who verbalised publicly the thoughts of many in the nation is of the right shade.  So she will get away with floating the bleedin' obvious.

Kentucky Fried Jabs.

This be the world in which we live.

It will now be called a "community based solution" and some slash fund will be filled to manage it.


  1. We are literally pfaffing around with this crap because it's mean to tell the truth.


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