Labour Trolling The New Zealand Public - You Cannot Run A Bath Let Alone Fill A Stadium

 Labour have politicised the vaccine roll out with this lovely circulating self-congratulations.

The problem is for two years now New Zealand has failed to even host the Rugby Championship.  It is best not to remind New Zealanders that they "did the mahi" and got NO treats.  

Sports tours and tournaments have been virtually impossible since March 2020.  New Zealand has missed out on everything big, despite being relatively "covid free".  I stand corrected - a Six 60 concert was put on for the Potemkin Village of Auckland. Snigger, when the highlight of the year at Eden Park is hosting a Six 60 concert you should know that the leadership has you in a horror show of alternative reality. 

The All Blacks played their 100th test v the Springboks last night, not at Eden Park in front of a full stadium of black, but in of all places TOWNSVILLE in Australia.

What an insult and a shameful moment in our history.  

Kapa O Pango performed v Springboks in our 100th test with a warm welcome behind by Queensland by a barely capacity crowd of 25,000!

Another State currently under a benevolent Labour dictatorship that believes in zero Covid.

At least she can host international sports events.


  1. To be fair, the best thing about the Six60 concert was Helen Clark getting into knots about it, and not getting her own way.


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