New Zealand Paid For Media Now Censoring Michael Baker And The Use of Gangs

The headline at one time was the following. 

Now it is

The word "GANG" has also been replaced in the story of the version I read, with the complete euphemism of real mis-information called "marginalised groups".

Who ordered these changes? And why? Were any political staffers involved?

Gangs are NOT marginalised groups, well if they are marginalised it is because they bloody deserve to be. They also do not want to be part of society. They’re proud of their rebellion. The author of the original headlines and text summed it up perfectly.

A leading epidemiologist is calling for a 'rapid review' of our COVID-19 tactics, saying we need to focus on the remaining lines of transmission among marginalised groups. 
Yes gangs are not following the rules and the egos of these Covid Zero fruitcakes cannot handle it.  They have not been following the rules now for weeks.  Blind Freddy knows that. The article follows:

And that's within "marginalised groups".

"We need to work with marginalised groups where we are pretty certain the virus is continuing to transmit and if it's associated, for example, with drug distribution, then I think that means working with Police and Corrections to promote a harm-reduction approach and that's saying look, we are going to be less concerned with your criminal behaviours, we are going to be very concerned with the extent to which you might be sharing the virus around."

Oh right, so Covid with ludicrously high vaccine rates is now such a danger that it is more harmful than drugs and drug dealing?  Brilliant.

The irony is that gangs may indeed save Auckland from more level 3 and 2 by making Covid zero an impossibility. The original articles also quoted Baker as saying if GANGS do not start playing by the rules then Auckland will be in lockdown to Christmas!  Politically that would be absolute dynamite.

Kate Hawkesby screenshotted it before it was altered.

This was replaced with:

More from the pulpit of mistruth and misinformation to now cover his words up. Have a look at the editing that has gone on this afternoon.  They have censored Baker's original claims. Pravdaesque.

They can argue they do not wish to demonise GANGS all they like but there is only one person Aucklanders will hold responsible for this Covid Zero obsession and that is Jacinda Ardern.  

She wants it for her ego, her OCD and most importantly to be able to brag like the Kindergarten teacher she is that she beat Covid regardless of how many billions have been wasted in extra weeks level 4 and 3 that you are being subjected to.  All of which is a completely lost cause as Covid will never be “beaten”.

These articles were edited not because gangs were at risk of having their feelings hurt, but to save the Princess from the public turning on her for once again doing nothing about the behaviour of gangs.

Behaviour now she is punishing everyone in Auckland for.


  1. While other countries open up now... Norway, Sweden and Denmark all restriction free by the end of September, the EU free for all now, the USA due to open in November, etc... little old NZ can't decide how to get out of internal lock-ups and the fascist bullyboys in Australia are using pepperspray on granny.

  2. Hi Kate.

    Afraid you're wrong on this one. I rewatched Baker being interviewed and he clearly made a point of using the term "marginalised groups" and never used the word gang

    He certainly mentioned drug-dealing and criminality but as I say never the word gang

    The media, in this case TV3, used the word in their headlines, as did online, and I'm guessing that Baker was in touch to get it changed. Which is fair enough as it wasn't something he said - and I'm sure he chose his words carefullt

    1. That is a shame. I was giving him more credit than he deserves then it was the media who for once called it as it is!

    2. I'm pretty sure he did say it. It would have been either on the am show or tv3 news. I remember because the bluntness of it surprised me at the time. Not sure what he expects to be done about it.

  3. I suppose that if one were to ask "who are these marginalised groups?" the reply would be "racist!!" or perhaps "oh look, there's a squrrel".

    1. Well there are plenty of Maori and Pacific Islanders in NZ right now doing the right thing. "Gangs" may all be of the same races but they are not representative of the broader community.

  4. So the Ministry of Health, through their contact and genomic tracing programme - will know (or have a best guess) in pretty much every instance where Covid infections happened - i.e. where, when and from whom. Why does the great unwashed not get this information - X% got it waiting in line at the Supermarket, X% at their Essential Workplace etc. Is the reason because pretty much all the Covid has been spread from family bubble to family bubble by people breaking the rules - e.g. Going to the Gang Pad for the piss-up, and the Government just doesnt want you to know that.
    If 40% of infections were happening at the Supermarket, I would want to know that. If its 0% at the Supermarket, I would want to know that too!


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