Politicians Can Change Laws To Imprison You In Your Home, Can't To Prevent A Murdering Guest

It is very hard to explain laws and justice to lay people sometimes.  I will not even try defending this one.

This is a time in 2020 and 2021 where the New Zealand government has stripped law abiding citizens the freedom to exit their own home and go to work, school or even for a drink with their mates.  

They can do anything they damn please if they can do this.  

At the commencement of this charade even that was ruled to be unlawful. But justified.  That opens up a chasm of space for when something is really really important, the state acting unlawfully in such a massive way affecting 5 million people is even okay - when justified.

Yesterday we found:

While you have been subject to this theatre of in and out of levels 4, 3 and 2 for "public safety" since March 2020.

A terrorist, a guest in New Zealand who could have been chucked out, who was of no benefit to New Zealand whatsoever given his track record as he is clearly as the Police have been at pains to point out, human pond scum.  Well he had his rights and freedoms upheld constantly by a weak judiciary lacking creativity and politicians equally unmotivated. 

Elites who operate this system of justice are clamouring over themselves to claim there is nothing they could have done within the boundaries of the law.  

What about outside the current boundaries that could have been fixed up later?

Watch the spin in the next few days that this was not possible.  I do not just mean the PM.

It reads poorly with what they have all done the last 18 months to an entire country. 

These are the SAME very elites who have the entire city of Auckland currently right now in a level 4 lockdown in breach of numerous rights and freedoms in the Bill of Rights (because it is apparently justified). The SAME elites who will not let New Zealand citizens return to New Zealand right now.  And the very few who get over the line are subjected to 14 days of detention even if vaccinated.

And here they had a piece of scum that was so infamous that he was even known to the PM.  Media even knew about him.

They all knew he was a clear and imminent danger to New Zealand in the community so much so he was under surveillance.

However he had MORE rights and freedoms than a returning New Zealander just suspected of carrying a virus that very few people actually die from.  This after subjecting themselves to tests to prove they do not actually have it.  This is not good enough as they then have to spend 14 days as an arbitrary detention decided by "experts" who to date have failed in every way to prevent the covid outbreaks in the first place.

He had MORE rights at level 4 in New Zealand than the poor South Auckland families currently locked up together with by now shitty kids in quarantine facilities, even if they do not have Covid, having well deserved meltdowns and escape attempts.

Judges are paid the big bucks to make decisions that when wrong go very wrong.   They are also appointed to solve complex problems with law in an "eloquent" way to protect the community.

Here, the S for scumbag was returned not back to his place of birth, but in the community to a mosque for his supervision.  Words fail me there on that one. A mosque bubble at level 4?

A court report warned the man had the motivation and means to commit violent acts in the community and posed a high risk. It described him as harboring extreme attitudes, living an isolated lifestyle, and having a sense of entitlement.

But the judge decided to release the man, sentencing him to a year’s supervision at an Auckland mosque, where a leader had confirmed his willingness to help and support the man on his release.

And the kicker, the cops pleaded with Fitzgerald J. to listen to how much of a mentally far-gone shitbag trainee terrorist this guy was.

Fitzgerald noted the extreme concerns of police, saying she didn’t know if they were right, but “I sincerely hope they are not.”

That did not age well.  The stuff of an oops meme.

S (for Shitbag) then attacked a Corrections Officer for fun on his way out and got bail for breaking a jaw.

S was accused of assault with intent to injure and injuring with intent/reckless disregard for the attack on the Corrections' officers at Mt Eden prison. He applied for bail a little over a week after he was sentenced by the High Court to supervision on July 6.

There are SO many questions that need answering but do not expect many to be answered in the following days.  Ardern was so well briefed in such a short space of time for her initial press conference the spin cycle on this will be huge from the Judiciary down.  

Will someone break rank and disclose what correspondence if any has gone on between the bench and the executive to solve the problem that was this shitbag?  Surely someone gave a nod up the top there about anyway to fix such a problem?  An urgent amendment to the current law perhaps?  Have cabinet ever discussed the shitbag?  Is this another Faafoi slo-mo special?

If only the judiciary and executive were as concerned currently with the legality of locking down the country and ruining law abiding people's livelihoods, rights and freedoms........

.............As the spinning they are about to do that they could have done nothing more to prevent a terrorist attack at a time when they have the largest city in New Zealand under level 4 restrictions and the least regard for human rights and freedoms in our lifetime.

On the plus side the officer(s) who shot the scumbag deserves a medal and a bonus.  

It saved the country a fortune given this level of dithering from the hierarchy. 

Update - here is a detailed timeline from the PM's Office working some serious overtime in shovelling shit uphill. It shows in a TL;DR way I will summarise, their own incompetence as politicians, an executive, a legal system and ultimately the judiciary in dealing with this matter in the way it should have.

No adult has put their hand up and taken charge of the process which should have had the sole goal of getting rid of this scumbag back to Sri Lanka, not stuffing around worrying about his alleged rights when currently so many New Zealanders have so many of theirs ignored for the safety of others. And other legitimate visa holders who did not commit a fraud (from 2018) await to even be allowed to enter the country.

The police had to take care of business where others with more power and status in the system have failed so miserably. 

Not so eloquently.  

With a bullet. 


  1. Its amused me for some time, that the requirement to have a test before embarking on a flight to NZ, and a day zero test don't pickup the handful of infections detected every month by said persons in MIQ.

    Without research in comparing the situation under the previous regime. It seems that the new(pre boarding/Day zero) testing regime is also not fit for purpose if its goal is to eliminate the bad bug from coming to NZ.

    With Vaxs not suppressing Deltas infection rate, why would there be a vax passport letting anyone go anywhere or coming in to Jacindas Virus free NZ.

    Viva La France and their revolting citizens.

  2. Buchanan states he could have been detained under the Mental Health Act.
    More than likely correct but why can't we do what Dutton does. No longer wanted, Criminal and not fit the NZ way of life. Gone back where he came from?

    Still here is a lesson for other morons that behave this way.
    There's a swift way to your 72 virgins.

    1. And now it's being reported, that according to the terrorist's mother. neighbours from Syria and Iraq radicalised her son when he was injured in a fall in Sri Lanka in 2016. So Samsudeen, reportedly traumatised and terrified of Sri Lankan authorities returned to his homeland for a visit.

    2. Even that is questionable. The Herald ran the story as you report, the others it is an allegation of his neighbours actually in NZ. Which makes it kind of worse as if true hello there is an Islamic terror cell in NZ our authorities did not know about......

  3. We have the worst PM this country has had in its history and she is surrounded and advised by the dross of society.

    1. Indeed, the saying "reeling from crisis to crisis" comes to mind.


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