Free Taxis in Auckland! One Less Excuse For The Lazy For Vaccinations

I am still in the database at the Doctors in New Zealand.

Today I received this.

Seriously - Nanny State now gives you a free taxi to the vaccination centre!

Free vaccine.
Free food when you get there.
Free return taxi to get there.


People not vaccinated yet either a) will never get vaccinated or b) too stupid to actually deserve it.  Darwin should be let to do his job.

You still have to phone the hotline however.   This is outrageous really.  They should have one waiting outside for you when you are ready.


  1. Ask if they do free flights from HK and have MIQ available

  2. To be fair, this is an initiative thought up (or googled to see what Canada is doing) by a government worker who can highlight this during job performance appraisal, it will be seen as being successful as it will have saved that bonus

  3. Is this only for the preferred race, or is it for white people also?

    1. It was sent to myself however every time I see the word whanau, I do suspect it only means those who identify as Maori so not applying to myself.

  4. Im gonna get on the piss this weekend, looks like I can get a free ride home.

    1. Good idea, find a vaccination centre close to the pub. The number is above. Enjoy.

  5. 'Do the mahi' !!
    You gotta laugh, right ?

    1. A mahi mahi is a very colourful brand of fish is it not?

    2. Do not pay credence to stoneage gibberish. In fact, if greeted in itt, I turn my back and walk away.

  6. How to tell if the pidginised letter you get is just virtue signalling or not. Delete all the clauses with the "other language" words and see if it still makes sense. If it does, then they've added the words for no reason. So here delete:

    "Kia ora Catherine"
    "your whanau"
    "Do the mahi"

    Yep, still makes perfect sense so it was pointless puffery putting them in.

    No other bilingual country does this crap. You write a letter in English. You write the same letter in French, Russian, Spanish, whatever. The grammar is not butchered and everyone can understand it even on the off chance they can't read one of the languages. But this pidgin crap, it destroys both languages and you end up with a creole which is neither language and unintelligible to the rest of the world. If you want to learn Maori, learn Maori. Putting random foreign words into English text is not going to teach you a language.

    But it's par for the course in a country that offers KFC to the natives to get jabbed (imagine the yanks offering watermelon or fried chicken to get the ethnics out LOL) and is going to try and revive telethon with Paddy F-ing Gower as the host.

    1. I do agree that simply ignoring every reference in Maori in pretty much everything gets you to the same result eventually.
      I haven't been in New Zealand to see this evolve so assume I am only getting 1/100th of it sitting overseas. However the conclusion I draw whenever I am in a foreign country is that if they really want me to do something urgently (or especially when it comes to paying money) you can damn well be sure that it is written in perfectly clear English. I apply the same principles when I see Maori. Ignore it until the English comes up.


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