Jacinda Ardern As The Most Divisive Leader In NZ's History - Tik Tok For The Win Today


Not a word untrue.

And from a guy who Labour stereotypically would have already counted on for his vote.


  1. This guy gets it. A pity that others are not a prescient as him.

  2. Well said. He is dead right.

  3. Bravo Zulu to that Young Man. The overseas media are seeing through her like a glass window. Pity our paid for MSM dont have the courage.

    If she goes to the UK she might be in for a big surprise 100k+ hacked off Kiwis

    1. She needs a good old fashioned kiwi welcome from the team of one million that is for sure.

    2. dunking in the Thames might be a good start.

    3. A couple of good naval references there :-)

  4. A powerful comment so well delivered.


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