Random Impertinent MIQ Question For A Friday

So if I arrive from overseas and test positive despite no other symptoms and am shipped off to quarantine (as opposed to MIQ), can I now just go home?

Like a New Zealander in the community who has tested a definite positive? 

Home isolation.

If so, why are negative testing New Zealanders arriving in who can prove they do not have covid-19 kept in jail in a hotel room at their expense for 14 days?

Right now it is way better to have Covid-19 and be sent to home isolation than it 14 days of Hell in a Cell in MIQ from overseas.

There is absolutely ZERO justification for anyone paying for MIQ coming in from overseas now, that is for sure.

Even less justification for having to do it.


  1. I think we all know why. Because St Jacinda has no idea how to get out of this mess. Cases are spreading and they don't have enough space in the gulag any more to force infected citizens into. But they can't just throw open the gates at the airport because then they'd need to quickly process incoming arrivals for infection and you can bet your ass that is not set up. Also it will be inevitable that opening the international gates will let in more infections and add to the growth of cases. Ask yourself why the f**k senior school kids are supposed to be going back to school in level 3 when they are the worst vectors for spreading this virus, it is not because of "science" but because the government can see a fustercluck coming with exams and an entirely lost year for many kids and thousands of parents going bananas.

    Jacinda and co have painted themselves into a corner that they have no hope of getting out of. The smug gits came up with "National wants to give you covid for Christmas" but have scored an epic own goal and will themselves be yanking Christmas away from kiwis. From here on whichever way they turn is going to have horrible results for them.

    Who wants to take bets on when the Pink Terror, Horrible Hendy and the rest of the pet experts begin turning on Mistress Jacinda?

    1. No bets. She is funding their mortgages/second homes currently. As she is the MSMs.

      Yes why can the little f**** go back to school when they cannot then turn around and go to a part time job they have at the weekend washing dishes in a restaurant, as you know ------- follow the science.


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