The Cost Of Covid Brownmail Today Doled Out By Ardern - $120m

We learned a few more things today from the non-announcement of the traffic lights.

1. The fools have NO vaccination passport ready.  They need November to actually do that, which is why there are no traffic lights yet for the South Island.  They cannot currently run a system to exclude the very few people who are not vaccinated.

2. The cost of the Maori caucus agreeing to this was $120 million to their mates. Brownmail.  As predicted in my post in response to Sir Ian Taylor being gamed.

I have heard whinging that Maori have not been given resources to "reach their people".  We can debunk this false news very quickly.

In addition to a whopping $900 million to Maori way back in May 2020.

Exhibit A  A process began in April 2021 with expected contract start dates of 1 July 2021 to do the very thing that Maori have whinged about.


Where has the money gone?

Who got this money?

What did they actually do from 1 July running this campaign? 

Exhibit B - September 2021 another $38 million 


Where the hell has that gone?

Leading into today Exhibit C - $120 MILLION!!

This is ridiculous.

What is there left to spend $120 million on?  In one month they have not been able to do the job with $38 million.  Is this in addition to that funding and of course the Comms strategy that Maori could apply for way back in April 2021?

The country should be open within a month.  One month to burn yet another $120 million on the plastic!!!

The Maori roll-out needs its own Commission of Inquiry.  Forget NSW, New Zealand needs its own Independent Commission Against Corruption to analyse the expenditure and conflicts in doling the cash out of these three Exhibits A to C.  

Older Maori have got vaccinated.  The problem in Auckland is the younger lot.

There is no difficulty physically to reach them, they're all in lock down.  They are not rural, unreachable and are mobile enough to go get vaccinated because they're mobile enough to go do other things.  They are just choosing not to probably out of sheer bloody mindedness or laziness.

I would actually like as a next step a "Maori Monday" to back up the Super Saturday.

On Monday and every Monday I would like every New Zealander who has been vaccinated, has a business awaiting to be opened on their last borrowed cash, kids at home who need to be homeschooled, who cannot see their elderly relatives, who cannot cross a border, who has to limit numbers at a wedding or a funeral, who has to sit in 14 days MIQ, who cannot go out for dinner, meet in groups ..... everyone.

To loudly remind Maori leaders that they ARE now the reason we cannot do these things.

And demand better.

Because that is how you negotiate with a terrorist regime.   You hit them where it hurts.  

You do not pander to them - you gather your troops and turn on them.
Look no further.  Just like Chinese people are not the problem the CCP is, Maori people are not necessarily the issue, their leaders running this extortion and brownmail racket are.

In some jobs for the common peasants now it is no jab no job.  

How about until all restrictions are lifted on vaccinated persons, Ardern run a strict no jab no income support payments?

Record vaccinations within a week.


  1. Well they thought they had it ready.... but it crashed hard in testing so they're urgently starting again pulling in extra geeks. Wonder if the world's greatest sysop is involved...

  2. One thing is for sure. The team of 5 million is no more. Jacinda is now pitting groups against each other:

    Maori vs the rest
    Young vs old
    Vaxxed vs unvaxxed
    Business vs customers
    Region vs region
    Citizens in NZ vs citizens stuck abroad

    So now you have an intricate "traffic light" system that will come into effect to replace the other intricate level system, both systems changed at will by the government as needed and all as clear as mud. Plus Auckland will be running on different rules. For a woman supposedly expert in "communications" she seems to have no grasp of the fact that this shit needs to be as simple as possible or people will screw it up by accident if not on purpose.

    The vax certificate system seems to be broken, despite having had 18 months to prepare it. The EU system is up and running and each country administers their own health systems, so why is NZ so pants at organising this (just a rhetorical question).

    Finally, St Jacinda says you can't have summer if you aren't vaxxed. What, so if I am unvaxxed I can't go down to the beach on a sunny day? J H Christ on a stick. I am double-vaxxed but if I lived in Cindy's hellscape of a country right now I'd be claiming not to be just to piss off the businesses taking Grant's money. Anyone who gladly implements government repression for a few pieces of silver deserves bankruptcy.

    And of course, no mention of changing the MIQ farce. So all you silly buggers who for some reason want to get back into the hermit kingdom. Sorry, you're definitely not in any team.

    The *only* saving grace is that, as usual, whatever this government attempts to implement invariably goes tits up rather quickly.

  3. Get the vaccine or not, I can respect someone who chooses not to. Maybe they already had Covid or not in an at risk group, so long as they don't harbour any objections to opening up/easing of restrictions.
    What I can't understand is this group of people who need monetary or other incentives, KFC, a taxi to the clinic etc. to be bothered getting vaccinated. The mind boggles at how little one must care about their own health to be swayed one way or the other by less than $10 of fried 'chicken'.


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