Time To Deal With MIQ - Get On Board With Grounded Kiwis

Grounded Kiwis is crowdfunding for a legal challenge to the current fiasco at MIQ.  This is not only affecting expats, but New Zealanders in New Zealand who cannot leave without getting in a lottery with up to 30,000 other people at a time to return.

I do not think it will take long to fundraise the $70k needed for the President of the Bar Association Paul Radich QC to kick things off.  The speed that this will happen should send shockwaves into the right places at the Beehive.

Grounded Kiwis, a newly incorporated society advocating for Kiwis at home and abroad impacted by the Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) system, has filed a judicial review claim in the High Court in respect of the Government’s operation of the MIQ system, and the limitation this has placed on New Zealanders right to return home.

The claim alleges that the Government has acted unlawfully, unreasonably, and in breach of section 18(2) of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 in the way it has established and operated the MIQ system, in particular in respect of the ‘fastest finger first’ model, the current ‘lottery’ model, and the emergency and group allocation system.

Paul Radich QC and Lucila van Dam, public law barristers at Clifton Chambers in Wellington, are acting for Grounded Kiwis.

To date, Grounded Kiwis has been supported by numerous lawyers and volunteers working on a pro-bono basis. Paul and Lucila have prepared our statement of claim on a pro-bono basis, and we now need to raise funds to pay for legal and court fees to bring our claim in court. We have established this crowdfunding campaign to raise these funds, and hope to reach our initial target of NZ$70,000 (this is based on a current estimate of legal and court fees and it is possible that we may need to raise more funds as the case proceeds).


  1. It's all falling apart on St Jacinda. Kiwis stuck overseas are sick to death of having their constitutional rights violated and being blamed for the government's shambolic MIQ system. Northland is going to level 3 and blaming a couple of individuals, nevermind that a system that relies on absolutely everybody behaving exactly as ordered because one person doing a runner will break it is bound to fail. Gangsters gaming the system to cross boundaries, but being the major spreaders it seems. The South Island has had no cases for months but is stuck in limbo. Changing from alert levels to delta levels to, now, traffic lights, yeah that will make things as clear as mud. Saying they're going to get 90% vaccination but the bros are not complying. Saying elimination is a thing of the past but lockups continue. Turning people on each other because of where they live, or their vaccination status. Seriously considering a "no jab no job" policy.

    And that is without considering what a shambles Christmas is going to be as your supply lines get ever more shaky. Even the US postal service has suspended mail to NZ. Get ready for some major shortages of random items very soon.

    F**k me, the wheels are about to come off in a very bad way as the Pink Terror continues.

    Glad I don't live there any more :)

  2. The government is now the problem.

  3. Would be interesting for airlines to simply start landing planes. We have no air-force to repel such an invasion. Thanks to Auntie Helen.


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