Will New Zealand Try The Vaccine Apartheid Option?

There is currently a rather woke meaning of the term "vaccine apartheid".  It is used to cover situations where third world countries led by corrupt dictators have stolen all the cash. Cash that they should be using to buy vaccines that per head of population are very little. 

You can get the jab in New Zealand with rather limited morality applied, only because Labour trampled all over the third world and just used more plastic to manufacture more cash to buy vaccines ahead of countries you don’t care about.  Even though essential workers will be due a booster shot any day now........We haven't heard how that will be handled but many of those countries New Zealanders really don't care about, have not even received their first dose.  Or worse, they have and it was the hapless Chinese version.

Apartheid however was not something that happened between countries. It was within the border of a country.

The real meaning of the use of vaccine apartheid is therefore the preventing of those inside a border from participating in society by banning them if they have not been vaccinated.  It creates within a country two classes or persons with different rights.

While I think people should be vaccinated if they want to, and I have been myself, I am definitely totally against all exclusion policies of those who are not.  The basic reasons:

1. Once vaccinated, follow the science, meeting unvaccinated persons is not terminal to my health.  If it was, then why did you get vaccinated if it didn't actually protect you from Covid-19!

2. Once vaccinated, follow the science, apparently I can still spread Covid-19 to others.  If this was not true then why the hell are vaccinated people currently in lockdown?  Why have the leftist prison of scaredy cats that is MIQ?  

3. Policing of this policy makes private businesses act as enforcement officers at a time they have had the guts ripped out of their businesses as it is.  It is bad enough they act as GST collection agents for the State, now you are asking them to enforce health rules that no longer make any sense.

4. It is just stupid.  

All these "keep kind" wankers online suggesting no one can come to their house if they are not vaccinated are showing ironic bigotry.   None of them should have enough people wanting to visit their house after making such claims, to be that picky of their company.

I will give an example.  

Taking the current issue in New Zealand holding the kindy class back - low rates of vaccination among Maori that can only have been caused by racism. The worst sort. The racism of low expectations and acceptance of failure. 

The best solution in New Zealand right now, if Maori were scared of the Spanish flu, wanting to protect their people and uphold the latest mythological version of the Treaty of Waitangi, would be to keep every Maori in New Zealand under very strict level 4 rules until every Maori was vaccinated.   It is a dangerous place out there for Maori apparently. Keep in mind that is exactly what they are doing in reality at any level but normal 2, locking many Maori in their homes.  Nanny State is really Nannying.

They are however not suggesting this.  Lockdown lefties are not suggesting this.  

They are hammering everyone else.

They want everyone else who has complied with the orders to vaccinate, to stay in level 4 and 3 rules with Maori, in some sort of sick Siouxsie Syndromed solidarity.

New Zealand currently has the easiest vaccine passport to identify that there is.  Skin colour.  We all know the lockdown lefties have not got the vaccine passport technology ready to roll out which will only extend lockdowns and re-opening. And when it does roll it out, it will not work. Nothing else has worked in this rollout on the tech side as there is an obsession not to involve anyone from the private sector who may, perish the thought, actually know what they’re doing. 

Maori should stay at level 4 until their leaders (whomever they actually are) are happy with the Maori vaccination rate.

Everyone else who wishes to, should go back to the old level 2 with bars, restaurants, gyms etc open.  All the areas that right now thanks to low Maori vaccination rates face the possibility of another 6-8 weeks of purgatory.

If we enforced this immediately I would guarantee one outcome.  Maori would act as individuals with their own thoughts and decide that Covid-19 was not that scary after all and go about their business with the rest of us.

Outrageous?  Not happy with this segregation? 

Well.........I refer to the above about vaccine apartheid. 

How is separating one class of person from another and excluding them from the fun of others for their own health to apparently save them and ICU and hospital space, any different?

It is not.  

Because if we take Maori out of the equation right now 70% of the total team of 4.5m have had their first dose and 64% of the team of 4.5m have had their second dose. ++

Sydney and NSW is opening up on Monday with 70% of just those age 16+. 

I use ++ as New Zealand's percentages are completely misleading in comparison as they include the whole population, when those under 12 are not going to be vaccinated yet (and hopefully will never have to).

Monday's review of Auckland's steps at Level 3 is a must watch to see just how the events of the last week have tested the nerve of Jacinda Ardern.  Locking down and putting everything on the plastic with kindness and spin was the easy bit.  


  1. So much talk about "no jab no job" (on tv3 news tonite for example) but as Bob Jones pointed out it should be "no jab no welfare" - but I haven't heard a peep in the media for this excellent idea..

    1. No jab no benefit, no contraception no benefit, no genuine medical certificate no benefit . . . New Zealand would be saved!

  2. "We need to lock everybody down to protect the vulnerable"

    "Maybe we should just lock down the vulnerable?"

    "How dare you! You can't tell the vulnerable to lock down. That's discrimination"

    Which is exactly the argument I've had/seen for 18 months

    1. Agree, if people are that worried they should protect themselves, it is called personal personal accountability.

  3. I won't be spending my money at any business that requires a vaccine passport. For one simple reason; my private health data is none of their business.


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