Covid Cartel Cuckoo Siouxsie The First To Break


No prizes for guessing which of the New Zealand Covid Cartel would be the first to break in anticipation of their weekly press releases of doom prior to Monday Cabinet.

University of Auckland associate professor Siouxsie Wiles says after almost two years of the pandemic, the world still isn't learning - leading to new variants being created.

"What it shows is that this is just another example of how globally the world is failing to deal with this pandemic," Dr Wiles tells Newshub. "We are not making vaccines available to everybody. No one is safe until we are all safe. 

Oh please do shut the fuck up with the white saviour complex.

That South Africa is not vaccinated is entirely the fault of their corrupt scum government that has looked after its population to a lower standard than it did in the apartheid regime.

The answer to her is just to close the borders to every bongo bongo country in the world.  But that would be rrrrrracist.

"What we need to remember is we need to be flexible," Wiles tells Newshub. "Already the Government has started talking about reducing the time people spend in MIQ and getting rid of MIQ altogether. 

"Depending on how this variant develops that might have to be looked at again. 

No. Shut up.

All these societal leeches and rent seekers are looking at is this.

The money.

Covid is here to stay.  We have vaccines, that can be altered to prevent the latest science narrative.  Shoot it up or shut up.  

Anyone who has not been vaccinated by November DOES NOT WANT TO BE. Leave them alone.

Roll the dice, play the game.

Let the rest of us get on with it.

We got vaccinated.  Leave us alone.


  1. The silly pinked haired cow (who isn't a virologist) hasn't yet realised the variants are coming from the vaccinated as the virus undergoes selection against a vaccinated population with antibodies raised against a very specific part of the Spike protein.
    Bostswana reporting their cases are in 4 x vaccinated individuals.
    (Click events and see the majority of mutations on the S-protein)

  2. Breaking news. Demented pink haired cat lady who couldn't stay in her bubble is angry at world leaders who somehow missed her advice on managing billions of people.

    Once again goes to show how shallow the NZ journalism puddle is that the pink terror's deranged ravings are still published.

  3. As the vaccine does not prevent you getting it (apparently that is the case with all vaccines, the remaining "infection" is so small from the measles for example as to be only detected using modern sensitive equipment) then by default all people vaccinated or unvaccinated will get a version or versions of COVID. The "immune" talk is just plain wrong.

    So vaccinated people getting the new version is not surprising, they can also get the delta and original etc. As more people get vaccinated more cases will be in the vaccinated, that is a just a pure mathematical outcome.

  4. Maybe she will get a job with WHO to advise them....


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