Tobacco Sales Will Not Be A Black Market It Will Be Brown

Hone Harawira and his Iwi mates are at it again.  Pretending they are saving a people they claim will go the way of the Moa without taking control over their choices and taking away free will.

Even Shane Jones this week protested that Maori are not an endangered species.

This time they will be hitting the Indian and Pakistani community hardest in favour of their mates in the gangs and the "Lucky Strike 500".  Dairies are about to go the way of the Moa instead.

The government will also be restricting the number of shops allowed to sell tobacco products, with just 500 stores nationwide issued with a licence to sell cigarettes.

Dairies will get no compensation.  Of course. 

These Iwi leaders are the same morons who desperately want weed legalised and are the same sorts who want cigarette smoking banned, sort of.

Confusing for the kids? You bet ya.

It is a play so obvious that Helen Keller could have seen it.

None of this is about health, it is a pure cash grab.

By gangs and associated Maori Iwi interests.

This is the Maori led takeover of tobacco sales. 

Maori and associated gangs want weed legalised, because of course Iwi leaders can then just force their hand in the regulation against weak Government and grow it and sell it.  You can bet dollars to donuts that Maori will decide who gets to do this.

Maori and associated gangs want cigarette sales stopped, because then a) Iwi leaders can control who sells it at the 500 lucky places around the country including a standover tax and b) gangs can continue their brown market operations with a nod from Iwi leaders who will demand all manner of "special fees".

Verrall said there would be "strong enforcement" once the legislation came into effect around preventing a black market.

HAHAHAHA.  We have seen how this Government enforces the law against gangs and Iwi interests.  It doesn't.

The plan would see the number of shops selling tobacco reduced, especially in low-income areas. Retailers will have to be "authorised" to sell tobacco and won't be able to be concentrated in the areas of highest deprivation.

Again another LOL.  Iwi Leaders' Little Helpers would ensure that the sales go through them now instead of the dairies.  With associated "taxes" and standover payments.

Of course along with this hundreds of millions will be handed out to Iwi leaders that even the average Maori will never see, to assist them to quit smoking.

It is a circular of doom for the taxpayer.  Maori at the bottom of the food chain will see NONE of this benefit.

Smokers pay more than their fair share of taxation already.  If you want to smoke to slightly shorten your life at an older age over the many other health risks in life, you should be free to.  Everyone I know who smokes actually enjoys it and does not wish to stop.  I smoke cigars on average every month in a year because I like to.  They are not addictive.

A bit like not being vaccinated, everyone knows the risks of smoking and everyone has had more than enough taxpayer funded chances to give up.

In the meantime assisted dying in New Zealand is perfectly legal.  65% of New Zealanders voted for it.

As long as Nanny State gets to tell you how you can do that it seems fine.  

Except for being a smoker.


  1. I shared the cancer ward with a couple of blokes who were receiving weapons grade radiation in an attempt to combat their lung cancer.

    They would regularly sneak out of the ward for a surreptitious smoke on the roof. I confronted them asking why they were bothering with treatment if they weren't giving up the nicotine?
    They replied they didn't believe smoking caused their cancer.
    I wished them well and I suppose 8 years on there is a chance they are still enjoying their life somewhere!

  2. Verrall couldn't manage the OUSA cafeteria, so lets put her in charge of the whole health system and see how that works out?
    As soon as borders open there is going to be an exodus of healthcare professionals anyway, so this really is nothing but a pathetic distraction to real issues facing the crumbling system.


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