"Follow The Science" "Follow The Health Advice" - IT WAS ALL LIES




Ashley Bloomfield and the Ministry of Health are turning out to have been the lesser of two evils.  How long can they handle being the human shields for the lockdown leftie lunatics imprisoning the nation?

The Ministry of Health need to start leaking like a sieve to the Opposition parties National and ACT, about what really went on and how desperate the lockdown leftie lunatics pushed them one way and told the public it was all their fault, the other way.

Meanwhile it is pretty clear Aucklanders have sat like zombies on their couches for weeks if not months longer than they needed to and was advised by "the experts" that Ardern claimed they were following advice from.

They were not.  That was a lie.

It is a shame businesses, students and those suffering personal anguish cannot come together and launch some sort of class action against the government to make them pay the real economic and human costs for such.

Aucklanders with their vaccination rates, should have been released weeks if not months ago.

Jacinda Ardern along with Chris Hipkins and Grant Robertson have been standing up almost daily and bald face lying to the country that these were health decisions, they were not.  

They were political ones and ones all about a last grasp of control.


  1. "It is a shame businesses cannot come together and launch some sort of class action against the government to make them pay the real costs for such."

    They're too busy moaning about the few thousand people who are bothered enough to get off the couch and make their feelings known.

    Besides they've got what they deserved sucking up to Jacinda.

  2. Sadly there are Aucklanders who will continue to blame their predicament on the unvaccinated, and that includes people who have an acute dislike of Ardern. The number of unvaccinated people is not driving policy otherwise over half the country would be green. I was in level 2 before "freedom day", since then I have been banned from the swimming pools, golf club, shops. We have over 90% vaccination in our DHB catchment. I now have less freedoms. It is not the unvaxxed that are locking you down Auckland.


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