Will Iwi Representatives On Roadblocks Pass Fit And Proper Character Tests & Police Checks?

Labour have given Iwi the power to participate in the roadblock theatre up North.

And that is all this is - theatre.

If they really were concerned about Maori health they would be putting all their time and energy into getting Maori vaccinated or letting them risk it.

Ngapuhi know that the longer they hold out the more cash this stupid feckless government will dole out to them.  It is working for Treaty settlements being the hold-out, it will work again here. Somewhere $120 million is being spent on the Maori latecomers to the vaccine party. Somewhere, out there….

Other Iwi are egging them on as there are escalation and interest clauses in their settlements. This is no different when it comes to vaccination. To Maori leaders this is just a game to be played. 

Everyone in New Zealand has had more time to get vaccinated than says to me is healthy.  By now you are either in or you never will be. 

This being the case of a specific legislative power being introduced for Iwi, I ask one question 

Will these people be given complete character and Police checks such that gang associates and wider family, gang members and those not of "fit and proper"status go nowhere near members of the public passing through borders?

Because currently what is happening at New Zealand's borders does not leave me with much hope this will happen.  Gangs are smuggling in drugs even with New Zealand's borders closed for travellers.  They are tapping up their mates on the borders, people who owe them favours or those they can intimidate and make this happen.

The external borders are a criminal laden shit show that the Cops are only now sorting out.

You cannot tell me that these Iwi checkpoints are being used just to keep in or out the drug trade depending on who you are and who you know up there?

It was revealed an organised criminal group was involved in smuggling, or conspiring to smuggle, close to 500kg of methamphetamine from Malaysia and the United States into New Zealand between January and October this year.

Police alleged the group was made up of six baggage handlers and eight associates, including two King Cobra members.

What education and training do these "Iwi representatives" have to even stand there?  

The Public Health Act - with amendments that were passed under urgency - states that a nominated representative of an iwi organisation can run checkpoints only with police or constable supervision.

Prominent Maori politicians Shane Jones and Winston Peters have both come out against these roadblocks, disowned association with the group running them and claimed correctly they do not represent either all Maori or the community.  They are right.

Hone Harawira is all about thuggish intimidation to get what he wants.  He always has been.

He has always also been about commercial opportunity for being a thug.  How much money will these thugs be paid to stand at the border?  Come on you know they are getting cash somehow from the hundreds of millions in that Maori "Covid recovery" fund.

Tai Tokerau Border Control have been a law onto themselves since last March.  Most of the pictures from the borders are of very large persons full of tattoos, wrap around sunnies and "fuck you" swagger.  None seem too concerned about little things like the rule of law or even recognising New Zealand as a country.

They wave Maori Sovereignty flags as if they have shares in the sale of them.  They probably do.

ACT is polling higher currently than the entire percentage of Maori in New Zealand. Not hard to see why when the Maori caucus in Labour are a law unto themselves to demand this sort of bullshit be enshrined in law.  ACT has been the only political party consistently calling them out.

Make no mistake the cops are going to the checkpoints not to check drivers.

They are going there to babysit Tai Tokerau Border Control from doing something completely stupid that will upset members of the public and create bad headlines for the Prime Minister and her lockdown leftie lunatics over summer.

In the meantime police will be taken from doing their actual job which is ensuring that all the people who leave Auckland after being imprisoned for months on end, do not have their homes burgled by gangs or their drug abusing clientele, and those left in Auckland are not subjected to escalating street violence.

It will be game on the second the summer flee occurs.  The gangs and other crooks all know the cops will be elsewhere.

Right now the only way you find a Cop in Auckland is in an MIQ facility or pestering owners of bars and restaurants.  

90% of the country will be vaccinated soon.  This is ALL New Zealanders can be asked to do before they need their rights and freedoms back they never should have lost in the first place, to just get on with it.


  1. Farking hilarious. Hard and fast turns into a racist takeover of the country with gangsters working "alongside" police to harass Joe Bloggs for merely existing.

    Did you know that "gauleiter" is a Maori word? True story bro.

  2. Thanks for bringing this up Kate. I've been banging on about it for ages: I've seen nothing about any data collection policies let alone vetting

    Effectively some random in a hi-vis vest can INSIST on taking your name, address, phone number, occupation... and there is no evidence that they are "fit and proper" people to be doing that.

    Who even knows if iwi are bound by data protection legislation

  3. The government could end this in a nano second.
    OK Hone have your little play-time border control. But so long as an area is blocked off by your group of thugs, all residents within will have all benefits, welfare and any government assistance cut off until such time as you f- off.
    Two can play at brown-mail.


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