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Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm. Alison Mao and Paul Henry

Alison Mao really knows no bounds of shame. Apparently male talkback hosts = bad. But look at this beauty taken a few days ago on Paul Henry's boat Olive! Clearly Banksie and Plunket need a boat to tame the #metoo she beast within with a few freebies and get the tick of approval. You get a big boat-bitch, gropey hug from her and best compliant luvvie behaviour then.  Paul is great, fabulous, but about as far from woke as you can get. Seriously New Zealand when did a very average shameless self-promoting c**** like Alison Mao become arbitrator of the airwaves? And then uses the wokey-pokey, far left to have an unsackable position conducting pathetic witch hunts of NZ men for a living! To have her then roll over and hang out with of all people - snigger - Paul Henry. "But if I had my time on the Breakfast couch again (never going to happen) I like to think I'd play it differently. Tell Mr Henry in stern terms that his little "joke" was puerile (although he already