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Maori Need To Modernise To Meet The Crown's Standards

I have seen a concerted campaign this last few days to woke-shame those of us for having a "white world view" about women speaking on a Marae.   Apparently Maori women (aka Wahine - a term I first was alerted to in primary school as a ship that sunk) now do not wish to speak on Marae.   Or if they do, they do not want us to do it first unless it is Jacinda and she is bringing along a very large pool of cheques.  Advocating for women to speak on Marae is now suddenly an act of violent racism. Maori, once again are making up the boundaries for this discussion as they go along.  The ones up at Waitangi do not like Crusher and invited Jacinda to plant her infant's placenta in their grounds - go figure. One other supporter of this is highlighted in an Instagram story from a Labour Party worker and a woke, lesbian otherwise perfectly white feminist.  She also played rugby and is trying to break through as a commentator "in that space".  Her rant, along with her keen t