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Look At New Zealand's Greatest Show Of The Year - NO CROWDS

The Americas Cup on the Youtube feed now looks like this.  New Zealand is the sad kid at the party wondering why no one is enjoying themselves.  When the dumb parents did not even send out the bloody invites to those who live further away and stopped those who live nearby who wanted to come, at the door. Jacinda Ardern and her politics catering to the Nomates Noeline's out there are intent on making the Americas Cup coverage a complete disaster for New Zealand. Why oh why is Auckland not right now at level 1 in time for the start of racing? Crowds at the Viaduct and the Villages? Bars full to overflowing? People having a GOOD TIME? In horrid local parlance "New Zealand did the mahi - it is not getting the bloody treats". Right now you can get on a plane and fly to Sydney one way quarantine free for the weekend but you cannot visit the Americas Cup village. The situation is ridiculous. Australia believes New Zealand is safe.   Your own Prime Minister listening to and hidin