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The Cup Cycle Of Hate Is Upon Us

This happens EVERY time the Cup is on.  We are now at #3 heading into #4. 1. K1W1's all suddenly interested in yachting. Especially the drinking and eating and going out to watch TV on the water  from a boat pretending you can actually see the racing well enough to follow it. 2. K1W1's all suddenly experts in yachting despite most having NFI (no f’ing idea). 3. Random acts of cringeworthy K1W1ness. 4. Team New Zealand manage to win Cup. 5. Victory parade and proud parochialism. ( update - ridiculous discussion about parades and dithering whether Team NZ should have one for them). 6. Media publish Dalton's demands for taxpayer funding to keep "critical members of the crew". Public demand his sacking. 7. K1W1's attack Dalton for high salary and recent yacht purchase demanding again his sacking.   8. Beneficiary groups suggest giving money to the poor is better than a bunch of rich sailors competing in a sport that this time only represented four countries out o

Cop Gives Pregnant-Woman-Beater A Solid Verbal - Hero or Horrible?

  Rogers said the incident occurred in early February 2020 after police were called to a family harm incident in Counties Manukau where a pregnant woman was assaulted. "A male in his late thirties was arrested, charged and pled guilty to charges of assault with intent to injure and contravening a protection order. He was subsequently sentenced to nine months' imprisonment." Hopefully the scum recipient of the verbal spray is white of skin colour else this will be turned into an international race hate incident against the cops. Anyone who contravenes a protection order and assaults with intent to injure any woman let alone a pregnant one deserves that level of scorn. In a week where we are told the police do not do enough to protect women, it is this level of commitment to the sledge of those who offend against women, that we urgently need. I certainly hope the said investigation is shelved under D in the filing cabinet, D for Do not give a f***. They should not and nei

Doctor Doom Says Bubble Away!

When Doctor Doom says you are ready for a trans-tasman bubble. You are ready for a fucking bubble. Let us revisit this great fortune-teller and the accuracy of his comments almost a year ago. I wonder what the Pink Panther will think of this for all her Nomates Noeline fan's out there who live in terror of bubbling with the Aussies? Yes she is now scaring the children opining about Tsunami's. Meanwhile migrant families keep up their whinging every time someone gains access to MIQ that they think they should be entitled to.  They should not be.  If you want to see your family, go see them, it is a choice you make. How about New Zealanders overseas who only hold one passport, one residency and one "home" who cannot either get back to New Zealand or just as bad now one year in, New Zealanders who have one passport, one residency and one "home" who need to go overseas for work to make money, because they have one passport, one residency and one home? MIQ status